TU Delft Summer School Scholarship 2019 for Young Africans (Fully Funded to Amsterdam)

TU Delft is now accepting applications from young Africans for its 2019 Sub- Saharan Africa Scholarship for the Summer School Planning and Design with Water. The deadline for submission of  applications for the TU Delft Summer School Scholarship is 30th April, 2019.

TU Delft Summer School Scholarship for Africans

Applications are invited from young Africans for the Sub- Saharan Africa Scholarship for the Summer School Planning and Design with Water at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft, in the Netherlands.

Are you Eligible for TU Delft Summer School Scholarship for Africans?

This scholarship is intended for passport holders of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa between 22 and 28 years of age, studying in the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Urban design
  • Spatial planning (town, urban and regional planning)
  • Environmental engineering
  • Water engineering
  • Urban law and management
  • Political sciences
  • Public administration
  • Areas that have a close relationship with planning and design of sustainable cities and communities.

You have to follow the instructions carefully in order to apply for the scholarship. If you fail to deliver one of the items required, we will not be able to take your candidacy into account.

Benefits of TU Delft Summer School Scholarship for Africans.

  • A round-trip ticket between your country of origin and Amsterdam. The ticket will be organised and bought by TU Delft upon selection of the candidate and the granting of a Dutch visa.
  • The fees for the SummerSchool (400 euros) will be waived.
  • A small amount of pocket money, enough for meals and transport during 20 days in the Netherlands.
  • Accommodation during  your stay (you might be housed with a TU Delft student during the period of the Summer School).

The scholarship does not include

  • The fee for the Dutch visa in your country.
  • Your health insurance (mandatory for students coming to the Netherlands. Please, ask us for instructions on how to get a health insurance).
  • Any extra costs incurring from your stay (trips, transfers or other activities not included in the Summer School programme, including fines resulting from breaches of the law, damage to others and accidents. You must be insured).

How to Apply for TU Delft Summer School Scholarship for Africans.

  1. You need to write a 800-word motivation letter*. In this letter, you need to explain: Who you are and what makes you special (Where were you born? What’s your personal story? Do you have hobbies? Do you practice sports? Are you talented in something? How do you do at school?)Why do you want to participate in the summer school?How will the summer school impact your education and future professional life?What are the main challenges for your city in the 21st century?How do you see your own role in tackling those challenges? How do you see the role of spatial planners or designers in the future of our cities and in society? What’s the role of spatial planners, architects and other professionals in our world in turmoil?* Don’t forget to include your full name, contact details, school you re attending and the name of your course at the top of the letter. Remember, we will also assess your level of proficiency in English through this letter, so it is important that your English is correct and clear. Please, keep the letter to a maximum of 800 words.
  2. A short CV (max two A4s) with your main achievements.
  3. A short movie (3 minutes max) of yourself saying hello and saying who you are and why you would like to participate in the Summer School (you can make a movie with your smart phone. If you don’t have a smart phone, maybe you can ask a friend to lend you one. If you can’t make the movie, please tell us. You will not be disqualified)
  4. A recommendation letter from a teacher. This letter must contain your teacher’s name, position, department and contact details and must be signed.You don’t need to add your architectural/design portfolio
  5. Put all your materials in a digital folder titled with your NAME+AFRICA (you can compress the files if they are too big), a short note explaining what the email is about, and send the file to Summer School BK TU Delft via the website https://wetransfer.com until APRIL 30 2019. Please write “SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA Scholarship” in the subject field. You will receive a notification. If wetransfer.com doesn’t work in your country, please make a ZIP file and transfer it to the address above. Please do not use DROPBOX or other transfer methods
  6. Fill in the form through the link below carefully, and don’t forget to mark the option “Sub-Saharan African Scholarship”. 

Application Form Official Link

If you have any questions, please contact Roberto Rocco at r.c.rocco@tudelft.nl 

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