Unilag Post Jamb 2019 ,Starts On The 26th Of August, Are You Ready?

If you are reading this then you have probably printed out your examination slip for the forthcoming post-ume examination that will commence on the 26th of august and run till the 30th of august.

Here are a few things you should consider to get prepared.

Read wide – it will be wiser to read for the exam like you are preparing for jamb all over again. Don’t agree with the myth that says post-ume is easier than jamb, it isnt because you can’t figure out where the questions are coming from. But from experience, questions come from Math, English and general paper (Focus more on recent politics, especially lagos based politics, dates of establishment of international organisations like UN, their headquaters and keep an eye on the just concluded general elections)


Print Out your schedule slip and other documents needed for the exam

– This can’t be over-stressed , don’t wait for last minute before you print out those slips; in fact, go and print them now before Unilag portal gets slow.


Check the school website as often as you can

Don’t me a melon and hoard that data, try your best to visit the Unilag website as often as you can, don’t be left in the dark when something new pops up. Here is the website link http://www.unilag.edu.ng/



Go to UNILAG yourself

You shouldn’t be JJC on your exam day, you have enough time this week to check the school out and visit your exam venue.



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