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Video: Why You Can’t Gain Admission Even After Passing JAMB

Video: Why You Can’t Gain Admission Even After Passing JAMB; Hello Villagers! Today, we’re delving into a topic that concerns every student’s journey – gaining admission into higher institutions. It’s not just about passing JAMB; several factors are at play. 

Let’s explore the reasons why many students face challenges despite passing JAMB

1. Wrong JAMB Subject Combination:

One of the common mistakes is selecting the wrong JAMB subject combination. It’s important to align your chosen subjects with the requirements of your desired course. Make sure you’re staying on the right academic path!

2. Meeting Official JAMB Cutoff vs. Institutional Cutoff:

Just passing the official JAMB cutoff is a milestone, but it doesn’t guarantee admission. Each institution sets its specific cutoff marks. Falling short of your chosen institution’s cutoff for your desired course can be a stumbling block. Always aim to surpass both the official and institutional cutoffs.

3. Pursuing Competitive Courses or Universities:

Some courses and universities are highly competitive. If you’re going for a spot in a popular institution or pursuing a sought-after course, be prepared for tougher competition. It’s essential to consider alternative options and have realistic expectations.

4. Poor Performance in WAEC/NECO Exams:

Your WAEC or NECO results play a crucial role. A strong JAMB score alone won’t compensate for poor performance in these exams. Ensure you prioritize both to strengthen your admission prospects.

5. Underperforming in Post-UTME Exams/Screening:

Post-UTME exams or screening processes are often overlooked but are vital. Scoring poorly in your post-UTME can hinder your chances. Treat post-UTME exams with the same seriousness as JAMB – preparation is key!

Thanks for watching Villagers, see you next time

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