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What is the average pass mark for IJMB? (Grading System)

What is the average pass mark for IJMB? (Grading System); IJMB (Interim Joint Matriculation Board) is a high-level program created to give students the chance to be admitted through Direct Entry into Nigerian universities.

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The IJMB curriculum is 9 to 12 months long and includes a wide range of topics that are pertinent to the student’s intended university course of study. We’ll talk about the IJMB passing score and grading scheme in this article.

IJMB Grading System

The IJMB grading system is based on a point scale of 0-5. The grades are given based on the performance of the student in the IJMB examination. The grades are then converted into letter grades as follows:

  • 5 points – A
  • 4 Points – B
  • 3 Points – C
  • 2 Points – D
  • 1 Point – E
  • 0 Point – F

The final score is calculated using the letter grades, which are used to assess the student’s overall performance. After then, the student’s eligibility for admission to a university is determined using the final grade.

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Average Pass Mark for IJMB

IJMB’s standard pass mark is often 5 points. This indicates that a student cannot pass the IJMB exam unless they receive at least 5 points in all 3 subjects. The minimal pass mark of 5 is widely regarded as the industry norm, while the average pass mark may differ from the test center to the examination center.

It is significant to note that other factors besides the IJMB average pass mark are taken into account when assessing a student’s performance. The student’s overall success in the program, their demeanor, and their attendance history are among the additional aspects that are taken into account.

In conclusion, the average pass marks and IJMB grading scale are created to give students a fair and consistent assessment of their work in the course. In order to establish a student’s eligibility for admission to a university and to give universities a precise and accurate image of the student’s academic ability, the grades and scores acquired on the IJMB examination are employed.

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