Will I Fail Jamb ?

The answer to the question is yes, if you aren’t confident in what you can do. But if you are confident, you already have 100 marks.

Keep reading and I’d show you how to secure the remaining 300 marks.

Step 1Read from the last page – It’s a reading hack, instead of reading from chapter 1, why don’t you try chapter 20.

Step 2Practice past questions – My teacher those days used to say “there are no new questions, just same questions different words ” so past questions might seem old school but they work. They are best practiced online

Step 3Read your weak subjects and make sure you finish them – If you are good in English and chemistry, but poor is Literature and accounts, my advise to you is spend 20 mins on English and chemistry, then spend 1hr on Literature and accounts for effective reading.

Step 4Get familiar with a computer. The exam is now CBT format, it will be a shame if you don’t know where the letters on the keyboard are placed.


Bonus Step

Download PDF formats of your syllabus and use it to aid your reading.

Success in your exam.

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