You can be the Next Big thing.
In the past, getting famous meant showing up on TV or getting heard on the radio, (that still works) but doesn’t beat social media fame. By fame I don’t mean the half naked people who provide their followers with horrible content.
 I mean actual social media influences, who are creatives in their respective fields, and have used this creativity to gain so much loyalty, social media would not be the same without them.
The thing about being creative is that you can never run out of it, you might come up blank a couple of times, but that doesn’t take the fact that just a word can ignite an entirely new idea.
It has come to my notice that some people have the understanding that to be famous on the internet, all you need to do is replicate hilarious contents that people have previously made, well that’s wrong. Not only are you ruining your reputation as a creative, you are also portraying the career as an unserious one. So I’m going to list a few headers for anyone who wants to go into the social media publicity business as a student.
Read Everything and Anything – You don’t know where you will be inspired from, so don’t stop reading.
Learn from your predecessors – Most of them learnt on the job, which was harder, so if you take your time to learn from them, you won’t have a Rocky journey.
Keep doing it – It’s not a 1 month then fame career, if you want to be seen. Don’t stop doing it, your audience would definitely grow with your consistency.
Be unique – As a creative, something must make you stand out among thousand of others, look for that thing and make use of it.
Be a people person –if your followers see potential in you, they will definitely engage with your works, you’ve become a celebrity to  them, so try to make out time for them.

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