10 Passive Business Ideas For Nigerian Students

10 Passive Business Ideas For Nigerian Students; Are you a student who needs to increase your income but lacks the time to do so? Then you’ve found what you’ve been looking for in our list of passive income suggestions for students! Student expenses go much beyond tuition, housing, and books and supplies, necessitating a source of income.

It can be challenging to manage a student’s budget without a job, loans, or help from a family. Additionally, balancing a course load while working a full- or part-time job is challenging.

Students can effectively manage their time and earn money to support themselves by engaging in passive income.

Student life is all about learning new things, having amazing adventures, and having fun, but only if you have spending money.

To supplement their income, most students take on jobs or internships, although this may be time-consuming and exhausting. Studying or interesting chances like traveling or hanging out with friends are sometimes hampered by part-time jobs.

For this reason, we will discuss some passive income opportunities that students might adopt and pursue at their discretion.

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Passive income: What is it?

A source of income that doesn’t need you to work for it and, after a certain point, requires little to no ongoing effort is called passive income. It is a chance to earn money without giving up eight hours of your day at a regular job.

Why it’s a good idea for students to have passive income

Students benefit greatly from passive income since it gives them more time to manage all of their other obligations while still allowing them to enjoy their time as students. Additionally, it aids in paying expenses and avoids accruing extra debt. Even while it may eventually take less work, the majority of student passive income ideas demand time or money upfront.

These suggestions for passive income for students provide you with the chance to use your initial investment to pay for living needs while you concentrate on getting the most out of your time as a student. Check out our selection of books on passive income as well!

10 Passive Business Ideas For Nigerian Students

Affiliate Marketing

You can promote a company’s items and make money from each sale if you have a platform and a large fan base. You are compensated with a commission when you recommend the product(s) to your audience and someone makes a purchase using your special link.

One of the finest passive income options for students is affiliate marketing if you have a sizable following on social media, a blog, a youtube channel, a podcast, etc.

Rent Your Other Belongings

For projects or celebrations, many people are wanting to hire equipment and things on a temporary basis. Items like cameras and camera equipment, musical instruments, bicycles, tools, other technology, and home furnishings. You might possess tools and equipment that other people could find useful.

Renting them out can bring in money. For students with expensive but rarely used equipment, this is one of the easiest possibilities for passive money. Making money with stuff you already own is possible! On websites like fatllama.com or loanables.com, you may post your items for sale.

Sell Products

Create and sell t-shirts, mugs, hats, phone covers, posters, and other items using your ideas and creativity. You can upload your ideas to a print-on-demand website and let them manage the logistics rather than purchasing and storing your inventory.

All that’s left to do is market your products once you’ve created and uploaded your designs. The print-on-demand provider handles the printing and shipment of the goods when products are purchased. This is a hassle-free and low-risk way for students to earn passive money because they will even handle returns. Visit websites like zazzle.com and printify.com.

10 Passive Business Ideas For Nigerian Students

Create a blog.

A minimal initial financial investment, time commitment, and consistency are necessary to start a blog. A blog, however, has the potential to provide income for years to come once things get going.

There are numerous ways a blog can provide passive revenue for students once it has an audience. To generate ad revenue or earn affiliate commissions, you can promote goods and/or services using Google Adsense.

Later on, you might even try to sell your audience on your own goods or services. It will take some time and effort to set up your blog and provide quality content, but after you’ve built up an audience, the majority of your income will be passive.

Start a vlog

For college students, vlogging can be a fantastic passive revenue source. You can start by simply turning on your camera (or using your phone!) and filming your daily activities if you have a few basic photography and editing abilities. On YouTube, vlogs are immensely popular. Once your viewership and audience reach a specific point, you start to receive payments.

You can collaborate with brands for affiliate marketing and brand sponsorships in addition to earning money from advertisements. Although it will take some time and work to increase your viewership, it will be simpler to earn money once you do, similar to blogging.

Make and Market An Ebook

One of the best passive income opportunities for students is selling ebooks. So why not create an ebook or manual on a subject you are educated about and can instruct others on? You can produce and market a digital product using talent or information that is in demand and valuable to others.

You can sell your ebook or guide to your audience on social media after it is finished. Utilizing your website and/or email list, you may advertise and sell it. In order to reach a larger audience and boost your sales and income, you can also list your ebook on Amazon.


Because of this, I’m presuming you don’t have much money to start investing in the stock market. If so, that’s fantastic. Even now, investing is a reliable strategy to generate income at night. It is tried, true, and tested.

Do your research before investing if you plan to. Don’t invest all of your pocket money in the newest cryptocurrency; doing so is equivalent to playing the lottery, my friend. It’s a fool’s game to invest when in the dark, but if you want to learn your shit, just do it. Attend a class, study some books, and play with the money you can lose.

10 Passive Business Ideas For Nigerian Students

Sell Stock Images

Do you like taking images or are you a photographer? Make use of that talent! You can think about selling your photos as stock photos if you want to earn a little additional money from your photography.

The simplest approach to selling your photos as stock photos is to upload them to a third-party website like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, etc.

Become A Social Media Influencer

Did you realize that posting on social media might earn you money? As a social media influencer, you can make money in a number of different ways. You can collaborate with businesses to create sponsored content that they will pay you for.

Usually, the cost of sponsored posts is determined by your follower count and engagement levels. As a social media influencer, you can also generate cash by posting sponsored blog pieces, holding events, or sharing affiliate links.

A media kit displaying your social media accounts, your niche, and some samples is a fantastic idea if you want to start making money as a social media influencer.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Anything can be done remotely in the modern, digital world, thus a profession as a virtual assistant is becoming more and more significant.

A Virtual Assistant is frequently used by business owners and entrepreneurs to assist them with tasks that may be completed remotely. Some of the virtual assistant jobs offered include managing social media, email marketing, creating reports or charts, and digital marketing. You can search for assistant roles in Nigeria on well-known internet job boards.


Get inventive with the resources you already have to generate passive income as a student. You can use what you already have to develop passive revenue streams, whether it’s a skill, possessions, or an audience.

The amount of hours you work is not a factor in passive income, unlike regular full- or part-time employment. As a result, there is no cap on the amount of money you can earn.

By creating at least one passive income source, you’ll be in a terrific position to earn money without having to spend too much time away from your studies. There is some effort involved, but it won’t take up most of your day.

You can generate a steady income without putting forth a lot of effort thanks to these passive income suggestions for students. Some of your revenue sources will ultimately reach a point where you won’t have to put in as much work to maintain them, and you’ll still get paid for the time, consistency, or up-front investment you made.

Spend some time investigating and developing some of these passive income sources. Consider investing in something that could pay you for years to come instead of just the typical, limited sources of income.

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10 Passive Business Ideas For Nigerian Students