3 Places To Study That Isn’t The School Library

3 Places To Study That Isn’t The School Library; Reading in the university can, in most cases be considered an extreme sport. It’s tough concentrating when everything in school/hostel has been designed to distract you & in turn make you fail.

Most higher institutions in Nigeria have libraries but there seems to be a drop in the number of readers who come into these libraries to read – most of them come to charge their phones if there’s a socket in their favourite spot.

Readership generally amongst students in Nigerian Universities has dropped and even state libraries can’t boast of a thousand visitors on a monthly basis – You should read our article on 5 Ways To Cultivate Good Reading Habits

3 Places To Study That Isn't The School Library
3 Places To Study That Isn’t The School Library

Places You Can Read That Isn’t The School Library

1. Place of worship

Weird right? Make sure (for Christians) that you don’t go when rehearsals are going on. But from experience as a student I remember walking into the church on campus and having a quiet time with my MAC212, the same thing can apply to Muslims. Last month a student who was preparing for the University of Ilorin post utme told me she was reading in the school’s mosque, I asked how silent was it & she responded “Very quiet”

I think a bonus reason why reading in your place of worship will also help you focus better is because your mind keeps telling you “Stop flirting with Femi in the house of God, read!”

If you’ve read in a Church, Mosque or shrine before, share your experience in the comment section.

2. Hostel

“I don’t like reading at home because I will sleep” raise your hand if you fall into this category? Well, your concerns about reading at home are very valid! Back in secondary school we had reading prep and it was one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life, I don’t know why anyone will enjoy reading in a cold classroom in the middle of the night. For students in the University, prep time has now been translated to night class, still the same experience. I give reading in your hostel a 5-star rating compared to reading in a classroom. It just doesn’t have to be boring!

Get proper lighting
Pick the right time, don’t read during your sleep periods
Have friends over
Get snacks to reward yourself

Trust me, reading at home can be fun and very impactful if you put in the extra effort.

3. Classroom

Yeah, I said it – forgive my rating on classroom in number 2 but you’ll have a better reading experience in the classroom than at the school library. The only important factor you need to look out for is timing!

I’m still of the opinion that students don’t have to read in the classroom at night! Why? Many things can go wrong.

Sexual harassments
Cult clashes and other bad things happen in Nigerian schools at night.

For students who want to follow my advice to the letter, you might be asking, what time is the best time to read in the classroom.

Answer: During the day, when the sun is bright & everything is lit. Here’s how to make the best of classroom reading.

Don’t read immediately after a lecture, that’s just noise & eye service vibes but if that works for you, please go right ahead

Pick a time of day when there are few people around to bother you. Now the distractions will come, but at the end of the reading session, it will be worth it.

There you have it! 3 Places to read that isn’t the school library, if you have additions to these places please comment below, I’ll love to read.

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3 Places To Study That Isn’t The School Library