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5 Things That Truly Matter In Every Student’s Life

5 Things That Truly Matter In Every Student’s Life; A time will come in ones like that you start searching for answers to deep questions that make your anxieties shoot up. For many students, these questions come after your JAMB or SATs, and you are overwhelmed with the possibilities that come with entering the university. Some other students get initiated into this “life questioning saga” much later in their lives, many of them come at this stage in their final year in the university, others a year after they are done with school.

Whichever moment in time, you get to sit back, alone and ask yourself “What truly matters in life” we hope you come across this blog post when you search for solutions.

1. Health

Anything is possible when you are in good health, making sure you take care of your mind, body and soul is very critical. This way you can avoid preventable sicknesses and stress. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and exercise daily.

Your mental health can also be improved by being more present, eating well, and healthy and taking some time off to decompress the Information you’ve taken it.

2. Purpose

Every student must have a purpose, academically and in general life purpose, an outcome we want to achieve and we keep living life, trying to fulfil our lives purpose. When you discover your purpose, you start to feel like you are truly beginning to live. This purpose can be called your academic goals, dreams, aspirations, and your career outside school. Don’t forget you define what success truly is to you, but if you really want to achieve your purpose in life you must work on yourself.

3. Family & Friendship

With everything life and especially school throws at you, it’s often times very easy to forget your family, and they are very important. No matter how busy you are (Which is very natural) just don’t make sure you are too busy for the people that matter most to you. Also, have this at the back of your mind, your family and your friends are priceless and you don’t always get a second chance with such people in your life.

4. Time

Time is a limited resource, once it is wasted it will be gone forever. So you have to be very intentional about how you spend your time, while we will encourage the reader to take some time off from serious things to relax, we urge you to take time as a luxury you only get one chance at. If you understand the value of time better than your peers in school, you can use that opportunity to gain experience and develop skills over time. Learn how to protect your precious time, and only give it to people and things that matter the most so you don’t end up regretting wasted time.

5. Learning

Learning is an opportunity no student shouldn’t lose and it is your responsibility as one to never take advantage of learning.

While many moments will come that will make you believe that you are an expert in a field, never be comfortable that way, every day wake up with the urge to find new knowledge and know more. As a student, if you understand the importance of learning you will add great depth and meaning to your life if you cultivate your talents through constant learning.


I’m almost certain that whatever you feel is important to your life, will most likely fall under any of these categories. Just take your time, feel free to bookmark this post and always come back to it anytime you have doubts.

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