3 Types of ADHD everyone should know about.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a long-term condition that affects a person’s emotions, actions, and capacity to learn new things. It primarily affects youngsters, although it can also impact adults.

ADHD symptoms differ from person to person. ADHD symptoms must have an influence on your daily life in order to be diagnosed. Here’s all you need to know about the three forms of ADHD;

TYPES OF ADHD (3 Types of ADHD everyone should know about.)

There are three main types of ADHD and they are:

  • Inattentive type
  • Hyperactive-impulsive type
  • Combined

INATTENTIVE TYPE (3 Types of ADHD everyone should know about.)

If you have this form of ADHD, your inattention symptoms may outweigh your impulsive and hyperactive ones. At times, you could have trouble with impulse control or hyperactivity. However, these aren’t the primary traits of inattentive ADHD.

People with this form of ADHD often;

  • Skip details and become easily distracted
  • Fast become bored
  • Have difficulty concentrating on one task
  • Have trouble structuring thoughts and picking up new knowledge
  • Lose pens, papers, or other tools required for a task
  • Seem not to be listening
  • They go along leisurely and look to be daydreaming
  • Information processing more slowly and inaccurately than others
  • Having difficulty following instructions

Inattentive type ADHD is more commonly diagnosed in girls than in boys.

HYPERACTIVE-IMPULSIVE TYPE (3 Types of ADHD everyone should know about.)

Impulsivity and hyperactivity are signs of this type of ADHD. This kind can show indicators of inattention, although they are not as obvious as the other symptoms.

People with this form of ADHD usually;

  • Move about or become restless
  • Find it difficult to remain seated
  • Talk all the time
  • Even when it isn’t necessary for the task at hand, handle and play with objects
  • Find it difficult to carry out calm activities
  • Are always “on the move”
  • Impatient
  • Act inappropriately and without considering the effects of your actions
  • Hasty responses and offensive remarks

In the classroom, hyperactive-impulsive ADHD children can cause trouble. They might make it harder for themselves and other students to learn.

The hyperactive-impulsive type is diagnosed in boys more frequently than in girls.

COMBINED TYPE (3 Types of ADHD everyone should know about.)

If you have the combined type, your symptoms may include both inattention and hyperactive-impulsive behavior. Instead, a mix of signs and symptoms from both groups is present.

The majority of people exhibit some degree of inattentive or impulsive conduct, whether they have ADHD or not. However, it’s worse in those with ADHD. Your ability to perform at home, at school, at work, and in social situations is hampered by the more frequent occurrence of the behavior.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the majority of youngsters have combined type ADHD. Boys tend to have this type more frequently than girls do. Hyperactivity is the most typical sign in preschool-aged youngsters.

By the time they reach their mid-20s, the majority of youngsters who are diagnosed with the condition no longer have any noticeable symptoms. However, for many people, ADHD is a lifelong condition.

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3 Types of ADHD everyone should know about.