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4 Mistakes Students Should Avoid When Studying For Exams

4 Mistakes Students Should Avoid When Studying For Exams
4 Mistakes Students Should Avoid When Studying For Exams

4 Mistakes Students Should Avoid When Studying For Exams; These mistakes can be avoided when studying for exams like SAT, IELTS, WAEC, JAMB, and NECO and students are advised to take these tips and put them into actual practice when studying.

Respect your study place

– Don’t snack or eat at your study place
– Always keep everything organized at your study place, this helps to maintain your focus and keep you sane
– Never leave your study desk messy, ensure you tidy it up before you go to bed.
– Stick your to-do task list in a place where you can easily see it and track the items you have accomplished and the ones you are yet to accomplish.

Topics Category

– If it’s a day left to your examination, it will be a bad idea to start studying an entirely new topic before your exam. So the earlier the better
– Don’t try to cram every information before your examination, instead revise the topics you have read to solidify your knowledge of these topics
– Don’t downplay your hard work, you’ve done your best and you should be proud of yourself

Studying Overnight

– Having proper sleep ranging between 6 to 7 hours is necessary for your brain to work properly and improve retention.
– If you aren’t used to reading overnight, don’t do it when you have exams around the corner. It’ll take your brain a while to get used to it, and by the time you wake up, it’ll be hard to remember the things you read at night.

Starting Your Day

– Don’t drink coffee during examinations, it isn’t as useful as the myths make it out to be, instead, there are reports that state that drinking coffee before an examination will increase your heart rate and possibly give you anxiety
– Don’t go to the exam hall without drinking a glass of water and visiting the toilet to clear your bowels, you don’t want to be feeling pressed or uneasy when the questions come in.

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