9 Business Ideas For Students In 2022

9 Business Ideas For Students In 2022
9 Business Ideas For Students In 2022

9 Business Ideas For Students In 2022; Every year, millions of student businesses spring up from various corners of the world, many fail, and many succeed and scale into multimillion-dollar corporations.

This article is for budding entrepreneurs or just students who want to generate extra cash in school and need an idea or two to bring to life another student business. While these ideas are generating students running them for hundreds of thousands, there’d more to a successful business than just having the idea, you must be ready to put in the hours and the work.

9 Business ideas for students in 2022


Resell anything, as a young marketer I had an interview with a school, I was applying to become their in-house marketing manager, and during the interview, the manager made a statement that stuck with me to this day, he said ” a business is like a warehouse without windows, marketing becomes those windows where light and oxygen come through it”

You can start a reselling business for SMEs where you buy used stuff from people who are willing to sell, touch them up a little bit & sell-off. Or, you provide a platform where people can sell their stuff through you and get a commission

Project and general writing services

There’s huge money in this market because there are tons of students who are either impatient or clueless about their final year projects from undergraduate degrees up to postgraduate degrees. So if you are good with writing, and you have a proper understanding of project writing and research then this could be a business for you to work into.

The pay is always good, and your work will always advertise you to other students and in no time you’ll be able to scale it into a writing agency for final year students.

Set up a relationship/dating website for students in your school.

This one might require a little capital but when it’s up, it will definitely rack up proper money. Students love to meet and socialize with each other. Dating is one of the core features of university life and certain students will jump on any opportunity where students within their school can meet.

In simpler terms, create a dating site and limit it to only students in your school, you’ll get money from Ads, both local and abroad plus, it’ll become a part of the school’s culture.

Home tutoring services

Teaching children is another way to make money especially if you are academically sound. You can reach out to parents who have younger children in primary school and render a home tutoring service to them.

You must ensure you are sound in whatever subjects you are teaching, and always remember that the kids are kept in your care during the duration of your lessons, so always keep an eye out. And most importantly, ensure that your presence as a teacher is helping your students improve, because if they don’t get better then there’s no use for you.

Food business

Students love fast food, data has it that over 80% of students on campus consume fast food and hardly have time to cook in their hostels. This is where you come in, with a little capital, proper licenses and (certainly) good cooking skills, you can set up a food business and compete with the competition for your own share of the cake.

A better way to earn more money from this business idea is to focus on a certain type of food. For instance, if other restaurants have a variety of foods available, how about you focus on one food, and eventually you’ll be regarded as an expert or number one choice whenever that food is mentioned.


Blog owners with page views from 10,000 to 100,000 a month can typically earn between 2 cents and 10 cents per page view from advertising, which translates to $200 to $10,000 per month. Sponsored posts average around $25 to $750 per post, depending on audience size, niche, and sponsorship arrangement.

Now you can’t rack those numbers if you just type and press publish, it takes a lot of practice, creativity and time to be able to make money off your blog.

First, have an interest, create a niche site based on that interest then write about your interests. The key thing you should know is, that you have to be consistent and also have a proper understanding of SEO (Search engine optimization) in order for you to grow your blog and make money.

Campus newsletter / tabloid

People love to gossip, that’s why websites like TMZ rack up thousands of visits monthly. Hold on to that thought and give people in your school local gossip at a cheap rate, they’ll love it. You can use the newsletter to share important information from the school to the students and also keep them up to date with the latest whispers in town. Earning from this could take two forms.

First, you can sell the newsletter prints cheaply and earn from as many copies that you sell, or you give it out for free and make money from the Ads being placed on the newsletter.

Baking business

If you love to bake, and you (most importantly) can bake, then you should set up a baking business. Birthday cakes, party pastries etc. There are orders on these things every day.

Meet a marketer to promote your baking, have good customer relations and a proper structure there’s no doubt that the business will grow.

YouTuber / Vlogger

For bloggers, they can share their experiences or share their knowledge on a particular subject through texts, it’s different for Youtubers, you’ll be creating and sharing videos on their experiences and knowledge to the general public.

You’ll have to ensure your contents are catchy, and interesting enough to keep your viewers watching, also make sure you create every video in order to be better at the last one. Finally, you can check out other YouTubers who have made it big on the platform and learn a trick or two.

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How can you start a business?

1. Pick the idea
2. Create a strategy
3. Choose a brand name
4. Launch the business
5. Market your business
6. Deliver well
7. Scale the business

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9 Business Ideas For Students In 2022