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4 Tips On Tackling Examinations Like JAMB & WAEC

4 Tips On Tackling Examinations Like JAMB & WAEC; Every year when examinations like JAMB and WAEC are conducted, there are always a few students who break the internet with their exceptional success in the examinations, in 2020 Maduafokwa Agnes Egoagwuagwu scored an astonishing 365 out of 400 in her JAMB examination.

In this post, we will be providing information to students who want to make the best of these examinations just like Maduafokwa Agnes Egoagwuagwu and other students like her.

Start Revision Early

Early revision is a key method of being successful in examinations like JAMB and WAEC. There is no substitute for starting early with revision.

Students are advised to give themselves enough time to review everything they’ve studied and to be certain that they truly understand it. Last-minute cramming is a very dangerous substitute for early revision which we encourage already.

Most importantly, the best tip is to study very hard and know your subject and subject combinations (so you aren’t studying blindly), and starting early is the best way to achieve this.

Organize Your Study Time

Ensure that you create a functioning study time and stick to it. Students who want to excel in their forthcoming examinations are advised to be disciplined and committed to their study time.

There’s something called “over-reading”, organizing your study time also ensures that there’s moderation in your reading schedule so maybe start with a reading timetable as soon as possible.

Keep An Eye On Your Health During Study & Exam Time

There’s a popular saying that goes “health is wealth” many students are pressured into overdoing their studying and reading especially for an examination like JAMB and end up falling sick or going through burnout that eventually leads to their failure.

Please look out for your health and don’t put yourself under any form of pressure, passing examinations isn’t easy nor is it difficult, all you need is adequate preparation both mentally, academically and physically. Most importantly, don’t forget to take regular breaks it’s just as effective.

Know Your Exam

While JAMB and WAEC are similar in their importance for students who want to further their education at the university, they are both very different examinations and should be studied as such.

How this can be achieved is students download both syllabi of the examinations and study them separately, while there’s a high chance that they have identical syllabi, don’t let them dissuade you from studying them.

Another aspect of knowing your exams would be understanding the technicalities that come with both exam models, for instance, students who want to sit for JAMB have to be particularly computer literate and be very confident in front of a computer because the examination is CBT while students who are sitting for WAEC have to practice more handwriting to ensure they aren’t failed because the markers can’t read their scripts.


There are many tips on how to tackle these examinations but if students can diligently follow through with these 4 listed above, Student Village is almost certain that they will come out successful in their forthcoming examination.

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