Getting A Job In School The Pros And Cons

Getting A Job In School The Pros And Cons; There are various reasons students work while they’re in school, including acquiring experience and earning extra money to take care of themselves. Other students might work due to their financial circumstances or because they want the training and skill development that they can get outside their studies. 

Whichever reason you have for working while you are in school, there are various benefits and detriments to it and we will be underlining those in this article.

Written By Shekinah Brama

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1. Gaining professional experience

 This is one of the most important benefits of working while schooling because it’ll help you prepare for life after graduation and help you with your long-term career. You will gain an understanding of what it’s like to be employed and the experience will teach you how to interact with customers, clients, colleagues, etc this will help in the long run even after graduation. Also, you’ll have the working experience to add to your curriculum vitae.

2. Earning extra money

This is one of the main reasons people even decide to work while in school. As a student, there are so many things that you need money for and so working and earning extra money would help out with some bills like a subscription for your phone, outings with friends, paying for emergency pop-up bills and so on and you would not have to rely solely on the money that your parents or guardians send.

3. Making valuable connections and relationships

The workplace is a very strategic place to get meaningful connections and build relationships with people who will be useful to your life and career. As an employee, students can show their unique abilities and capabilities and it can impress a manager or a client and that person can recommend them for a better job or a professional opportunity at that moment or later in life.

4. Provides you with a head start in the job market

Unlike a student who is not working, you will already have a head start and will not have to immediately start job hunting after graduation because you already have one plus most employers would prefer employing people with working experience.


1. Stress

This is the number one disadvantage of working and schooling simultaneously. There’s no way you’ll leave school and then go straight to work and not be stressed because you’re a human and not a robot and your body needs rest. So if you decide to work while still in school, prepare your mind for the stress and extreme fatigue that comes with it.

2. Lack of Time for Socialisation

News flash: you can’t work, study and have a social life, one thing has to suffer and in this case, it is your social life that will suffer. When your coursemates are going out for some hangout, you’ll be either trying to meet up a deadline for homework or you’ll be at work doing what people at work do: WORKING 

3. Low grades

This doesn’t happen to everyone but people with very strenuous jobs or extremely time-consuming jobs will suffer low grades because they might not have time to read enough or even read at all and this will affect their school grades. Also, lack of rest can affect your mental health and Intellectual capacity and this can cause forgetfulness if you forget an answer in the exam hall; boom!! low grades.

4. You’ll lose quality time with friends and family

With studying and working, you might not have time to visit your family and friends or even spend quality time with them because you’ll be occupied with a lot of things. Your significant other might even dump you if he/she is not understanding enough.

  Before you decide to start working while in school, carefully weigh the pros and cons, you can even consider working only during the holidays. also consider your health, and your energy level, think about the sacrifices you’ll have to make and if it is still something you want to do please go ahead because there are people who still get wonderful grades while working and still do an excellent job at their workplace.

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Getting A Job In School The Pros And Cons