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4 Ways To Enjoy Christmas In The University

Spending Christmas away from ones family is one of the rites you have to pass through before you are inducted into adult hood. This ritual is mostly done by rogues students of the university also known as final year students…

We’ve been able to compile 4 things you can do during the holiday in the university.

Cook Food

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By food, you have to trash every idea of indomie and egg etc… adding suya to the indomie doesn’t even cut it. For this holiday you need to cook the traditional Christmas meals so that when you snap for the gram, your friends would wish they didn’t travel. Don’t lose focus, Rice – Chicken – Dessert. That’s the equation.

Visit Families

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Think about this, there are families living in near your hostel, won’t it make much sense if you start smiling and greeting them from now till the 25th? So that when its time for “menu menu” they will remember “the student that didn’t travel” When they invite you, make the best of the opportunity! Eat, drink…. chop life.

Binge Watch

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You can’t leave out Christmas classics and think you’d enjoy the holiday, no-no-no. Cuddle up, and watch those movies. The best part of it is you don’t have to worry about sleeping late because there’s no school the next day and the day after that.

Avoid Your University Gate


Enjoyment is like a drug, you keep enjoying and enjoying till you are unstoppable. And like every drug addiction, there’s a rehab for it, your school gate is the rehab you should avoid. The moment you see that gate, your mind starts taking you to your carryover courses, missed exams, awaiting exam results etc… Do everything you can to avoid the university gate and you’d be in safe hands.

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