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5 Easy Ways To Create An Amazing LinkedIn Profile

5 Easy Ways To Create An Amazing LinkedIn Profile; The days where a job seeker wakes up every morning spends record time in the bathroom and shorter time to get dressed, dust up their CVs and hit the streets of their favourite city in search of jobs.

Those days are leaving the dynamics of job hunting gradually, while many HR managers and job seekers still love the good old newspaper seeking, under hot sun job search techniques we can’t deny the growth of job search platforms that have found millions of employments to millions of youth in Nigeria and across the globe. One of such platforms is LinkedIn.

How To Create A Good LinkedIn Profile To Land Your Next Job.

5 Easy Ways To Create An Amazing LinkedIn Profile

Choose A Good Profile Picture

LinkedIn prides itself on being a professional profile and employers treat it so. For your LinkedIn profile to look appealing enough for employers to take a hiring glance, it has to be clear and professional with zero filters.

Now you don’t have to go to a professional photographer to pull this off, while it’s advisable if you can afford one you can, a simple portrait photo that shows your face (clearly) and your outfit (corporate outfits are advisable).

Be Creative With Your Headline, Not Just A Job Title

Your LinkedIn headline is your first pitch to prospective employers and clients and it is very important that your pitch stands out beyond what other job seekers are putting out. Ps, your headline should be short, you can write at length in your profile summary.

Your LinkedIn headline should introduce who you are, your strong skills, your experience level and the roles you’ll work perfectly in. Find headline samples here (10 Eye-Catching LinkedIn Profile Headlines to Inspire Your Own)

Tell a story in your profile summary

Everybody loves a good story, not necessarily who is telling it, but if you can hook your readers in the first few lines of your story, I can guarantee you they’ll want to know who the storyteller is.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go on Google or YouTube and plagiarise someone else’s story, but there’s a story of who you are, how you get things done and what you’ve achieved that people want to read, even if you are a terrible storyteller, just tell you the story anyway. Find samples here (14 LinkedIn Profile Summaries That We Love)

List Your Relevant Skills

I recently made a post about relevant soft skills that employers are looking for. You should check that article out, pretty helpful.

When creating a profile on LinkedIn, be sure to narrow your skills towards the job role you are seeking, it’ll be fun if you put graphic designs as a skill on your LinkedIn profile when your header says you are applying for an HR position. In simpler terms, list your RELEVANT skills, emphasis on relevant.

Connect With Top People In Your Industry

Connections are essential in life, and LinkedIn understands that important too, your LinkedIn profile is just as good as the connections you have. Now I’m not saying connect with every popular or trending individual that the LinkedIn algorithm suggests to you.

Do a little research, find people who share similar interests with yours within your industry, and connect with people who provide information and learning tools for the industry you are currently in. This way you aren’t just congratulating every achievement shared on their pages but constantly learning from their activities and educational materials provided on their timeline.

It might seem far-reaching but if you have a question for them and asking via the comments isn’t helping, a private message or email could open the window for a long professional relationship!

Be Visible

Every social media platform wants to keep you there, and they’ve created their algorithm to favour the most visible accounts, just like the traditional job hunting method of walking into as many offices as possible to drop your CV, you have to be all over the place on LinkedIn to get noticed.

And now, when we say all over the place, this doesn’t mean you should be everywhere causing a nuisance or being irritating. At every moment your digital footprints must maintain professionalism, and decorum and upload your values. Be visible, let your profile be attributed for the right things and you might just land that job on Linkedin.


Many people use LinkedIn for many reasons and the application prides itself on its community of 830 million members, that’s really close to 1 billion.

Wow! Whatever reason you are setting up a LinkedIn profile, just keep in mind that you are immediately putting yourself and your skills on a platform that could scale your career to heights you can’t imagine.

Thanks for reading this article, student village isn’t LinkedIn but we love interactions among students, why don’t you use your forum and start a conversation.

Thanks for reading 5 Easy Ways To Create An Amazing LinkedIn Profile

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