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5 Reasons To Consider Internships In School

5 Reasons To Consider Internships In School
5 Reasons To Consider Internships In School

5 Reasons To Consider Internships In School; Students often become dubious when trying to decide whether or not they need to take up internships, especially when they are drowning in a lot of school/college work. But they forget that many fresh graduates often lack enough experience to get a full-time permanent job, so interning now, is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.

Now, reading this article is the best time to think of everything we can gain from internships and work placements. They are often the best option for you because you want to get a feel for work without being thrown into the deep end straight away and this provides you with the opportunity to learn and grow.

Here are 5 reasons you should take the internship and feel great about your decision:

1. To gain experience.

Many students’ lacy experience and internships can be the only way to acquire them because you get to do a little bit of everything. You get to experience many roles, and under many mentors and tutors, and you also see life from different learning perspectives which is a good thing when you use them in your day to day working world. You will be expected to take up many roles, which might be frustrating at first, but when you graduate from college, you find yourself understanding tasks fasting and multitasking like a superhero.

2. To have a better understanding.

Internships make sure you get time to understand your roles and tasks in the career you want to get into after school. The knowledge you gain for internships always leaves you begged then when you came, take the opportunity of an internship in industries related to your chosen career. You learn better when you ask questions, make notes and practice everything you see.

3. Confidence Builder

Internships will boost your confidence by public speaking, presentations or simply suggesting new ideas & recommendations, while helping you grow as a worker, a person and especially as a student. Internships, urge you to trust more in yourself but don’t cross that fine line of confidence to arrogance, because I’ve seen a lot of students make that mistake. Internships help you in your personal growth especially when you practice things you learned from your mentors.

4. To communicate better

Internships require that you work both individually (On your own) and within a team. Proper communication skills is currently lacking amongst many students who have no experience, especially when they join a workforce for the first time, you can tell how crude they are when they communicate. During internships, you learn to communicate in new and various ways and also build professional working relationships with people of many ages and corporate levels. This is great because it allows you to be open to other people’s ideas and to get creative in a team in order to build better ideas and ultimately, to build a better company.

5. You network with the right people.

Internships open your connections to a large number of people within or outside your industry. I remember a student who always interned at every level in college, from his first year till his final year in school. His coursemates nicknamed him Raymond Reddington after the star actor in the movie series black list. Why?

He had the contact of every industry expert you could think of, and whenever he didn’t have that contact, he knew someone that did.

Recently taken an internship and had a great experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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