5 Mistakes You Should Avoid That Could Make You Lose Your Admission This Year

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid That Could Make You Lose Your Admission This Year; Students are culpable for a handful of mistakes that affect their admission into the university or polytechnic of their choice. Many students are ignorant of these mistakes while others are simply unbothered about the implications of their mistakes. This post is to help you avoid or rectify some of these mistakes to ensure your admission into the university or polytechnic is free from hassle.

Wrong jamb combination
Wrong O’level combination
Not changing course
Not uploading your O’level
Lack of corresponding details in documents

Wrong JAMB Combination.

This is arguably one of the most common mistakes students make that greatly affects their Admission chances. Before you register for JAMB, please ensure your JAMB subject combination corresponds with the requirement from JAMB and your choice school, while you are advised to do research, be careful because many inexperienced bloggers offer wrong JAMB combination suggestions to students, you can either use the official JAMB subject combination checker here or use the Student Village JAMB combination tool.

Wrong O’level Combination

The same rule applies to the O’level subject combination, it is ridiculous when I see prospective medical students who pick Agricultural science as a substitution for Chemistry when applying to study medicine. Also, students are informed that Maths and English are compulsory subjects for every course in the University or polytechnic in Nigeria, with at least a credit pass in Maths and English before being considered for admission. You can also use the student village JAMB combination tool to find the O’level subject combination for the school of your choice.

Not Changing Course/School

The hard reality is this, if you don’t pass JAMB general cutoff for the school and course of your choice, you have 2 options ahead of you.
1. Buy a change of course / Institution form
2. Write JAMB again.

There is no miracle happening when you apply to a course or school and do not meet their admission requirement. Nigerian students make this mistake a lot, claiming they have one friend or cousin that didn’t meet the JAMB cutoff for the school yet they gained admission, don’t forget while you are applying to that course or school with your low marks, there are thousands of other students who did far better than you and are gunning for a slot into that same department. If you fall into this category, buy a change or course or institution form, or prepare harder and sit for JAMB again.

Not uploading your O’level

This is another dominant mistake that students make and it affects their admission into the school of their choice.

During JAMB registration students are asked to input their O’level results with the option of a ”placeholder” called awaiting results where they’ll fill in their results when their O’level results have been released. The issue is many students forget to upload their O’level when it has been released.

No O’level result no admission, another reoccurring mistake in this category is when you fail to cross-check the previously uploaded result for mistakes in the grades or if it was uploaded at all. Log in to your JAMB CAPS and check for documents, if your O’level result isn’t there, go to an accredited JAMB CBT centre and have it uploaded.

Lack of corresponding details in documents

When filling out official documents, it is wrong for you to start testing your other names to see if they fit into the boxes, we advise students that all your official students should have corresponding names; Surname, first name and middle name.

Also, you are advised to ensure your name is spelt correctly if not you might have to be attaching a court affidavit to all your submissions and some institutions don’t even accept affidavits. If you want to effect a change of name on your JAMB form, click here.


Mistakes are very common but they can be avoided only if you are extra careful and more intentional about your admission processes no matter how tedious or boring they might appear. If you find this post helpful please support us with a share, that’s all we ask.

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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid That Could Make You Lose Your Admission This Year