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How To Gain Admission Easily Into Nigerian Universities / Polytechnics

How To Gain Admission Easily Into Nigerian Universities / Polytechnics; In 2022 over 2.1 million students registered for jamb the number of universities in Nigeria is a little bit above 70 same thing goes with polytechnics and other institutions of higher learning.

Many students are unable to hack the admission process of the Nigerian educational system in this post will be providing tips on how students can gain admission into the universities of their choice showing admission requirements that do not limit students to just JAMB.

How Does Admission Work In Nigerian Schools

Admission into Nigerian universities and polytechnics is rather straightforward, there are procedures every student that is seeking admission into the university must follow.

1. Register and sit for JAMB
2. Register and pass either WAEC or NECO
3. Register and pass Post-UTME (Optional)
4. Understand and use catchment criteria to your advantage

How To Secure Admission Into School This Year

1. Register correctly for JAMB

Many students are disqualified from the admission process into Nigerian universities and polytechnics because they do not register for JAMB correctly a couple of mistakes like wrong name, wrong age or wrong date of birth could easily disqualify you even if you pass JAMB, so registering correctly during your JAMB registration is very important.

Students should ensure that every detail on their JAMB registration form corresponds with other documents they possess, these documents include WAEC, NECO results AND NIN slip.

Use the Student Village JAMB Tool to get the correct JAMB combination for your course

2. Register and pass either WAEC or NECO

There is no University or Polytechnic in Nigeria that will offer students provisional admission without their WACE or NECO results. It just doesn’t end there, sitting for WAEC or NECO doesn’t automatically guarantee you admission into the school of your choice, you must also pass Maths, English and 3 subjects that relate to the course you want to study(minimum of credit pass in these subjects)

Over the past years as an educational consultant, questions like “I’m doing law, do I need math to gain admission”. My answer is always yes, the conversation is not open for debate, no matter the course you want to study, even if it’s Yoruba, you must get at least a credit pass in Maths and English before you can successfully secure admission.

3. Register And Pass Post-UTME (Optional)

Some institutions insist that students sit and pass their internal set examination called Post-UTME, one major effect of the examination is that it reduces the number of eligible candidates for the institution.

Before students can be eligible for the POST-UTME, they must first meet the accepted general JAMB cut-off, Mark, then meet specific departmental cutoff marks before they can register for the Post-UTME and eventually sit for the exam, for instance, the JAMB cutoff mark for the University of Ilorin is 180, while the departmental cut off mark for mass communication in Unilorin is 230, this means any student that wants to study Mass communication has to score 230 and above, anything less would require them to do a change of course.
And yes, you’ll have to pass the post-utme examination and pass well before you can gain admission.

Please note: Not every school conducts the Post-UTME examination as an admission exercise, others just conduct a basic Post UTME screening where you submit all your documents (JAMB, and O’level) and they will be screened before admissions are given.

4. Understand and use catchment criteria to your advantage

Every school in Nigeria has catchment area requirements, a fact that many students are unaware of, I will try as much as possible to break it down and explain it properly. Catchment area focuses on paradise in certain kinds of students in terms of admission selection based on certain benchmarks or requirements few of these requirements are…
1. State of origin of the student – Students who come from the region where the school is located are prioritized over others.
2. Education deficient students – Students who come from regions that have very low and poor education ecosystem will be prioritized by the schools’ admission board, for instance, a student from Borno state will be given an extra advantage over a student from Ogun state that has a more superior education ecosystem

How can you use catchment to your advantage?

If you want to gain admission easily without much hassle, you can use your own catchment area advantage to favour you. You can apply to a federal/state university without your state of origin or surrounding regions.

Students can easily Google the catchment area of any school they wish to apply to, and they’ll see if their state of origin is included.

Note: This doesn’t mean students can secure admission into schools after their catchment area. As long as you perform excellently well and meet the merits you can gain admission.


Securing admission into Nigerian schools isn’t always very easy because of the rigorous admission procedure laid down by the admission processing board (JAMB). But it can be easier if you.

1. Pass JAMB well
2. Pass Post UTME exam or screening well
3. Get good grades in your WAEC or NECO examination
4. Ensure your scores meet the requirements for the school and course of your choice
5. Use catchment area requirements to your advantage.

Good luck and thanks for reading How To Gain Admission Easily Into Nigerian Universities / Polytechnics

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