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5 Reasons Why Students Can’t Gain Admission Into The University They Choose

5 Reasons Why Students Can’t Gain Admission Into The University They Choose; If you are religious, you might be tempted to say “God forbid” as a response to the headline of this post. But on the flip side, it is the reality of many students seeking admission To Nigerian Universities.

So students who want to get admission into Universities of their choice have to avoid these simple yet obvious mistakes like a plague.

Are you ready? for 5 Reasons Why Students Can’t Gain Admission Into The University They Choose

5 Reasons Why Students Can't Gain Admission Into The University They Choose
5 Reasons Why Students Can’t Gain Admission Into The University They Choose

5 Mistakes Students Make That Affect Their Admission

1. Picking the wrong JAMB subject combination

Many students don’t know this, but something I little as replacing Agricultural science for biology in your jamb subject combination could eliminate you from securing Admission into your choice University.

To ensure this doesn’t happen (if you haven’t registered for jamb by the time you saw this post) make sure you do due diligence on the JAMB subject combination for your course from the official jamb brochure. Don’t stop there, visit the website of the school you want to attend to verify this information and possible waivers so you don’t miss out.

2. Picking the Wrong O’level Combination

This mistake is very similar with the first one pointed out above, and it’s no stranger to eliminating students on their admission chances. This reminds me of a student that was applying for a medical related course in the University of Ilorin and she put Agricultural science as a replacement for Physics.

As expected she didn’t get admitted into the University of Ilorin that year. Students should understand that O’level combination will be uploaded on JAMB Caps & during the Post utme, so be sure you have at least a credit in Maths & English first (All deparments, including arts, must have at least a credit grade in maths and English in either WAEC or NECO before they can even qualify for post UTME). The next stop is checking the JAMB brochure to confirm the 3 core subjects that your course & school of choice requires (most times, it’s similar to your JAMB subject combination)

3. Not Getting The Required Course Cutoff Mark

As an educator I always make it a habit to advise my students , at student village academy Ilorin to aim higher than the stipulated cutoff mark required for the course they want to study, why? Because you are competing with over 10,000 students for a slot in that course. Now consider this example, it will be very difficult for a student who scores 250 for medicine in JAMB to secure admission when there are over 3,000 students with scores above 250 gunning for the same course.

So whatever course you choose to apply into, if the cutoff is 200 in JAMB, score 230 and it goes on and on.

4. Putting The Wrong Information On Your University Post-UTME Form

Yes! Your wrong information input is the reason why you didn’t gain admission last session and if you aren’t careful it will be the reason why you won’t this year.

Be sure information like your full name, your JAMB registration number, your course of choice, Subject combination and O’level combination all tallying with the information you put on your JAMB registration portal when you signed up. You should know universities now share data with JAMB, so wrong information on either end might deny you admission.

5. Ignoring To Use The Change Of Course Or Institution Form

Those forms are not for fashion, if you want to secure admission into the university then you have to be proactive in decision making.

If you didn’t meet the cutoff for your course but you find an alternative course, then go for a change of course , if your aren’t so confident in the school you picked originally then go for a change of institution. Either way, do everything you possibly can to secure this admission.

There are tons of other reasons that disqualify students from gaining admission into the university of their choice but these are the most common and grievous ones based on our experience.

Which ones have worked against you in the past, tell us in the comment section.

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