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How To Celebrate Your University Birthday On A Budget

How To Celebrate Your University Birthday On A Budget
How To Celebrate Your University Birthday On A Budget

How To Celebrate Your University Birthday On A Budget; Having a birthday party is a huge task, a successful one can be more strenuous on you the celebrant (planner) but as they say “the show must go on” the party must definitely happen.

So how do you celebrate a birthday party that will bang, and you still won’t break the bank (or your pocket money)

Narrow your invite list

The fewer people who attend your student’s birthday party the fewer mouths you will have to feed. If you’ll be celebrating your birthday on a budget you should make sure your visitors are the closest on your friend’s list. The advantage is it’ll be more fun, also close friends will understand that it’s more about the moment than the expenses spent on the birthday celebration. Some of them might even chip me in a few cash to assist you in making the birthday a success.

Use your apartment

On no account should you leave your apartment, there’s a lot of billing out here and I don’t want you spending all your money in a fancy restaurant when staying indoors will definitely help you cut costs.

If your invite list is narrowed, you shouldn’t have any problem with having friends sit on your bed and study chair, more people will automatically mean you’ll have to rent a few more chairs or take the party outside which will cost a lot more if you didn’t properly plan for it.

Go for more drinks

Whatever you Intend to give your fellow students attending your birthday, make sure drinks come first and come in terms of availability.

Make sure there are as many drinks available as there can be, this way when the party runs out of food or snacks, the groove still goes on! You guys keep drinking and continue enjoying the moment.

NB: if Alcohol will be available, please ensure there is moderation in consumption and don’t drink and drive.

Cook – Avoid takeouts

Take outs just make the party come across as really fancy, but the financial implications are very daring.

With a slim budget for food, you can cook the following meals
– Jollof rice
– Spaghetti
– Peppered Chicken
– Peppered ponmo
– Pepper soup

You’ll be wondering why pepper foods are plenty on this late, well when the food is red hot & spicy nobody wants second servings or can rush their food. (Don’t tell anyone I gave you this hack)

Have Picture time

Pictures are a fun activity and they don’t cost anything, well a little bit, just invite a friend that has a better phone camera. There will definitely be some goofing around sneaking during the picture time. So that will definitely leave you all with memories.

Buy a cake, nothing fancy

What’s a birthday party without a cake, and no (cakes are not only for female students)

Spend 10,000 naira or less on a cake and you all can snack on it after using it for a prop during the picture session.

Ps: You are bad vibes if you don’t like cake.

I hope this article comes in handy, but before you share this post with a friend, do you think Zobo will be an ideal drink for a birthday party for a University student?

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