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5 Things You Must Buy Before Entering University / Polytechnic

5 Things You Must Buy Before Entering University / Polytechnic; The moment you pass JAMB you start making an endless list of items you need to get for school and it’s normal for you to miss out on the most important things. This post is to make sure you don’t forget these things, and if you can afford them it’s best you start making those purchases.

5 Things Students Must Buy Before Entering College / University

1. Laptop

Seating for the JAMB Examination is easy even if you aren’t computer savvy, all you have to do through the course of the examination is type the JAMB registration number and right-click when selecting answers to questions. Tertiary education is rather different, you need a laptop from your 100 level up until your final year. Assignments, seminars, tests and eventually final year projects. You don’t want to be paying money to cyber cafés to carry out these school tasks.

Getting a laptop is super important for every student who is about to get into a university or polytechnic. You can start by buying affordable ones, then go up in value as the years progress.

2. Blankets

Don’t substitute your mom’s old wrapper for a blanket especially if you are moving to a completely different city to continue your tertiary education. Buy a blanket, it will come in handy during Harmattan season, and also the rainy season.

Buy a blanket, and make sure you fold it into your suitcase no matter how bulky it may be.

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3. Curtains

Like blankets, they are easily substituted with wrappers (lol) and worse you end up spending extra to buy new ones in the market when you get to your hostel. Save money and save yourself the stress, there are always extra curtains at home or unused ones are also better than spending money on a new one in the school.

The same rules apply, fold the curtains and put them in your bag no matter how bulky they appear too.

4. First Aid Kit

Injuries are definitely bound to happen to us or people around us and you should be responsible enough to have a first aid kid somewhere in your room that can provide care at that moment. Spirits, plasters, cotton wools and other things make up a first aid kit.

Note; Make sure you restock when you’ve run out of items in the first aid kit.

5. Power Bank / Alternative Electricity

Falz sang “This is Nigeria” comes to mind when you realize that for now there isn’t constant electricity and since that fact is established then you know that you need an alternative source of electricity to keep your phone or your laptop charged.

Getting a generator at university or polytechnic isn’t a luxury so if you can afford one, it’s best you get one and if you can’t afford one, you can still settle for a power bank, so days when electricity is off for a long time, you still have back up battery to keep you reachable to your friends and family and you don’t miss out on updates on your departments WhatsApp groups.


Gaining admission into the university/ polytechnic is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you have to be ready for your first year in school. These items might seem “unimportant” but they are very much important and you better don’t forget them or else…

Please share this post so other students who are about to enter school can read it. Thank you for reading 5 Things You Must Buy Before Entering University / Polytechnic.

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