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What Is IJMB All About? (200 Level Admission Without JAMB)

What Is IJMB All About?
What Is IJMB All About?

You might think this post about IJMB is solely to please the search engine so our website comes up when people search for the topic, well you are right and wrong. 

What Is IJMB All About?; This article about IJMB will be very short yet simple enough to explain all there is to know about IJMB as a JAMB alternative that has helped over 100,000. Students over the past decade. 

We will cover the 

– History of IJMB

– How IJMB Works

– Advantages of IJMB 

What Is IJMB All About? – History Of IJMB 

The Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) was set up in 1970, under statute 5 of the Ahmadu Bello University Law, to run the Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination (IJMBE) as an alternative to ‘a’ Level Examination, for candidates who may wish to seek for undergraduate admission into Ahamdu Bello University, Zaria and other Universities. 

The IJMB programme was envisioned as a stop-gap or bridge AFTER secondary school education, to prepare candidates academically, mentally and socially for the challenges of the university education, which will allow them to resume as 200-level students Via direct entry from JAMB. 

QUICK FACT – IJMB is Owned and operated by the prestigious institution Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. 

How Does IJMB work?

1. Candidate registers, either online or at the school. Student village advises that when registering for IJMB you either come down to the school or pay into an official school corporate bank account

2. Candidate resumes lectures immediately at our school in Ilorin (Hostel available on campus). This resumption is subject to when the candidate makes the first payment of their IJMB fees.

3. Lectures are conducted for 3 semesters based on 3 subjects only visit to see subject list 

4. IJMB examination takes place at the end of the third semester

5. IJMB result is released & candidates resumes as a 200 Level students without JAMB. When your IJMB result is released, candidates purchase Direct Entry form and fill it with their IJMB result to make their admission accepted by JAMB. 

Advantages Of IJMB 

1. IJMB result doesn’t expire, unlike the JAMB result which expires after 1 year. 

2. Admission screening is easier with IJMB compared to JAMB because of the competition.

3. IJMB students resume 200 level which puts it at par with students who want to switch from Polytechnics to University.

There are so many advantages that come with running IJMB, but I hope these few tips make a difference. 

Admission isn’t guaranteed with IJMB but it gives you a better chance than JAMB. 

So if you fall in the following categories then you should enrol on the IJMB program.

– Failed JAMB, Enroll for IJMB

– Tired of writing JAMB, Enroll for IJMB

SEE YOU SOON!  Click here to register for IJMB

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