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We all know that the English language is a broad Language, and it is not one to be studied all in a space of three months. The use of English for the unified tertiary matriculation examination is set to test the student’s proficiency in the English language.

All candidates sitting for this exam, are expected to read ahead before their stipulated date for the exam. Candidates are advised to focus on the area of concentration, which will aid their reading and also enhance their preparation for the upcoming examination.

Use of English will be divided into three parts. Part A focuses on comprehension and summary. Part B deals with lexis and structure and finally part C is the oral English.

For part A, students should focus more on

  • Comprehension of words and sentences
  • Comprehension of the passages given
  • Questions from the selected books given by jamb

For part B, students should focus more on

  • Grammatical names and their functions
  • Word class
  • Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms
  • Ordinary usage,figurative usage and idiomatic usage.

Lastly, for this last part students are advised to read more on

  •        vowels
    • consonants
    • Rhymes
    • word stress and intonation

All the aforementioned are the areas of concentration for this year’s UTME examination. Students are advised to study them extensively in preparation for their forthcoming examination.


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