Reading Hacks To Pass Jamb 2020

The exam is tomorrow, I don’t mean tomorrow like tomorrow, but it’s so close. At my school most of my students haven’t finished their syllabus, their teachers are moving fast but it’s pretty difficult on all of them. So I shared this trick with my students and I want to believe it’s working, you should give it a try to.


  1. Study Earlier In The Day – You see that 6am reading hits differently than 10pm reading, so after your prayers, have a quick read, 30mins will be fine.
  2. Study Out Loud – You remember nursery rhymes because your teachers made you chant them loud, why don’t you chant those formulas the same way
  3. Don’t listen To Songs While Reading – If you’d be reading in the morning, why do you need to stress the innocent brain with gbese gbèsè!


We wish you success in your exams.


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Reading Hacks To Pass Jamb 2020