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Biology Past Questions For JAMB/WAEC/NECO Students

Biology Past Questions For JAMB/WAEC/NECO Students; These Biology questions are for students who are sitting for the following examinations:


  • JAMB
  • Post-UTME / Post-JAMB
  • WAEC
  • NECO


#1. Which one of the following statements about the mammalian kidney is false?

#2. Which of these is a direct photosynthetic product?

#3. A germinating seed requires oxygen which is essential for

#4. Which of these plays no role in photosynthesis?

#5. During reproduction of the organism in figure above the first structure to divide is

#6. The part numbered 12 is

#7. During the movement of the fish from point A to target B, one of these parts is not involved

#8. The number shown as 8 refers to

#9. The structure responsible for trapping the sun's energy during photosynthesis is

#10. Which of these is not a characteristics of a wind pollinated flowers?

#11. A germinating seed requires oxygen which is essential for

#12. Which of these products obtained from analyzing sweat from skin is not an excretory product?

#13. In a breeding program a cross was made between two true breeding cow-pea types: one with round seeds and the other with wrinkled seed. If roundness is dominant why wrinkleness is recessive, in the first filial generation all the seeds produced will be

#14. The mammalian stomach can carry out a number of processes except

#15. A spirogyra cell was placed in solution X after 1 minute the cell has been plasmolysed, solution X was

#16. A farmer x working in a swamp did not eat any food nor drink any water. Which of this diseases can he not contact

#17. A carbohydrate molecule in the blood in the right ventricles of the heart is pumped into the cell of the toe of a man. Which of these structure is it unlikely to pass through en-route

#18. In a photo-tropic experiment, young seedlings in a box were subjected to light from one direction. The seedling continue to grow erect. Which of the following statement is correct

#19. Which of these is not associated with the movement of the toad, reptile or bird?

#20. Which of these is not a part of the feather of a bird?

#21. Which of these is not a function of the mammalian skin/

#22. which of these elements in plants is required in small quantities only

#23. a potometer was used to compare the rate of loss of the same volume of water from a plant under different environmental conditions as under a fan, at the sea shore, under the sun, in the airy laboratory and in cupboard. What time was likely to have been obtained in a cupboard?

#24. The neck region of the tape worm, (taenia) is responsible for the

#25. Which of these is not true of the insect? The possession of Options

#26. Rhizopus (or mucor)obtain its food from dead organic matter extracellularly. It is said to be

#27. The feature that distinguish the toad or frog from the fish is the absence of Options

#28. Which of these is not associated with tadpole stages of toad or frog

#29. In which of the following groups of organisms do all the members have asexual method of reproduction?

#30. The hormone which tones up the muscles of a person in time of danger is from the

#31. A potometer with a leafy shoot weighed 18.9g initially and weighed 17.9g after one hour. From this it follow that

#32. At fertilization


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