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Biology Past Questions v4 For JAMB/WAEC/NECO Students

Biology Past Questions v4 For JAMB/WAEC/NECO Students; These Biology questions are for students who are sitting for the following examinations:


  • JAMB
  • Post-UTME / Post-JAMB
  • WAEC
  • NECO


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#1. The lime water in container C turned milky because Options

#2. In the figure above the structure which prevents friction between the bones is Options

#3. Why is the part labelled 5 thicker than 6? Options

#4. Which of the labelled parts is the venga caval opening? Options

#5. The testa Options

#6. Reserved food materials is Options

#7. Below are some group of diseases. Which group of diseases is caused by bacteria? Options

#8. A mosquito which produces eggs which float, and whose larvae lie horizontal to the water surface, also rests at the angle on a vertical surface. This type of mosquito is Options

#9. The amount of water loss from a leaf can be detected using Options

#10. In animals, cilia, flagella, pseudopodia and chaetae, can be used for Options

#11. If a baby is a female, her mother's ovum must have been fertilized by a sperm carry the chromosome Options

#12. Leguminous plants, e.g Mucana, are usually planted in cultivated farmlands because they Options

#13. During thunderstorms the energy of lightning discharge causes Options

#14. A few grams of dried soil were first heated until red hot and then further heated until no more smoke was released. This experiment was to determine Options

#15. Oxygen from the atmosphere reaches the mammalian blood stream through one of the path indicated below. Indicate the correct path, a = mouth, b = trachea, c = bronchiole, d = nostril, e = bronchus, f = alveoli Options

#16. The center which controls respiratory activities the mammalian brain is the Options

#17. A student trying to find out the order in which organisms appear on a cleared plot is studying one of the following Options

#18. An organism X lives entirely on the waste products in another organism Y. In this association X is a Options

#19. The tips of some rice seedlings were cut off while some were left intact. Both were covered with a container which had not only one small hole to allow light through. After twenty-four hours it was observed that Options

#20. if three 30 cm lengths of glass tubes are tightly packed with clay, sand and loamy soils respectively and then stood in a beaker of water for one week, the level of water will be Options

#21. The filament of spirogyra were put into equal volumes of sugar solutions X and Y. After 5 minutes, filaments from solution X had their cells contents rounded up while those from Y were unaffected. The experiment shows that Options

#22. which part of the human brain is concerned with reflexes controlling the rate of heart beat and breathing? Options

#23. Which of the following hormones is produced during fright or when agitated? Options

#24. The following are connected with the movement of a reflex action (1) Central nervous (2) Muscles (3) Skin (4) Sensory nerve (5) Motor nerve. Which of the following sequences indicates a correct path? Options

#25. Biconcave lenses are used in the correction of an eye defect called? Options

#26. A green plant growing in a compost pit is feeding Options

#27. The part of the cell solely responsible for respiration is the Options

#28. In anaerobic respiration, glucose is converted to one of the following Options

#29. During excretion of urea there is also a corresponding re-absorption of water into the blood. This re-absorption takes place in the Options

#30. If the bark and phloem tissue of a woody shoot are peeled off by ringing, the whole plant will die eventually die because? Options

#31. Which of the following food substances is digested in the stomach? Options

#32. The conversion of excess amino acids into urea occurs in the Options

#33. For pollination and fruit formation, the essential part(s) of the flower should be the Options

#34. Which one of the following parts of the mammalian body is most closely associated with the production of urine? Options

#35. A potometer is used to determine the rate at which a shoot Options

#36. The organ through which food and oxygen are supplied to the human embryo and which also prevents harmful materials from reaching the embryo is the Options

#37. A true fruit is formed from Options

#38. Water is required for seed germination to take place because it Options

#39. A fresh Kolanut weighing 1g was put into salt solution. After 3 hour, the kolanut weighed 1.2g. This simple experiment demonstration that Options

#40. The joint between the atlas and axis vertebrae allows for Options

#41. Which one of the following animals is NEVER a secondary host of tapeworms? Options

#42. Some of the features of an animal are scales, teeth, nares and backbone. The animal is likely to be a Options


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