Do It, 2019 IS Still Far Away

We have 30 days to the end of 2018! Wow, I must confess, this year feels like it’s running out way too fast, or it could just be my mind.

The mind, one of the most powerful tools ever given to man, so powerful, it could make a man and as well destroy one.


Most times, when we feel time is running out beyond our control we tend to procrastinate, “I can’t come and die” phase sets in, as fun as this phase might seem, too much of it means you would never get anything done.

Go down the memory lane please

I want you to a quick memory check, go back to December 2018- January 2019, you made some really tough goals that had to be achieved in the year, have you done them yet?

Don’t think because this year has 30 days left, there isn’t enough time to end it as a goal getter, there actually is. So whatever your excuse might have been since the beginning of the year, drop it! And just do it.


The good part of doing it now is this, if you succeed, you move unto other things, and if you fail, you learn, do better, then move unto other things.


Happy New month.

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Do It, 2019 IS Still Far Away