Election Safety Tips for Citizens

Election periods are usually associated with violence, political assassinations, etc.

All over the world, election period is known to be a really important time. This is because of the several activities that go on during these times. Activities like the campaign tours to different states and regions of the country, as well as the radio and television advertisements, just to mention a few. It is not new at all to countries that practice democracy.

Here are a few safety tips

1. Do Not Argue About Politics in Public

If you belong to a particular political party and there is an argument about another political party, then it is important that you do not join in. This is so that you do not dabble into the augment that may warrant a fight to ensue.

2. Always Get Back On Time

The election period in various countries of the world, may be a time for violence to develop; therefore it is appropriate that you do not stay out late. As a matter of fact you have got to get home early.

3.. Do Not Criticize Any Politician

Do not attempt to criticize any politician of the opposition party in your country in public. This is because if you do, you might be stepping one the toes of people who may want to be harmful.

4. Do not Support or Wear Political Campaign Uniforms in Public

If you belong to any political party, it may be better that you do not wear political party uniforms. This is so that you do not attract the attention of opposition party members who may be irritated by it. More often than not these party members may be all out to injure others.

5.. Always Listen to the News Always-:

One of the ways to be security conscious during election time is to always stay abreast with issues. One of the ways to comfortably do this is by listening to the news always.

6. Do not disclose who you are votog for.

During election period, people have different Candidates they pledge allegiance to. Some of them go as far as picking up a fight with those who aren’t in the same camp with them. Therefore it would do you well not to disclose whom you plan to vote for.

7. Don’t Move About With Huge Cash

If you have plans to move around with huge amount of cash during election, then you want to consider having a re-think, as this is no time to do such.


8.When Driving, Ensure That Your Car Central Lock is activated-

Do not drive without making sure that your car central lock is activated. This is so that you know that you are safe inside, rather than unsafe.

These are a just a few tips to ensure safety for you during this election period
Stay Safe
Vote wisely
Don’t sell your votes






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Election Safety Tips for Citizens