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      Temitope Samuel

      10 MacBook Accessories Every New MacBook Owner Should Buy

      Photo by Pixabay.

      10 MacBook Accessories Every New MacBook Owner Should Buy; are not cheap; I know this firsthand, as I saved for a very long time to get mine.

      As a new Mac user, I was tempted to spend many hours finding the right accessories for my MacBook.

      If you have just gotten a new MacBook and are wondering what accessories to get for your MacBook. You might want to consider my top picks.

      1. Apple Magic Trackpad

      People swear the Magic Trackpad helps with their productivity. An added advantage of the trackpad is versatility; it does not need a flat surface to function (like a mouse does). Let’s not forget a silicone case to protect this rather expensive touchpad. (Costs $8 on AliExpress and $17 on Amazon).

      Apple Magic Trackpad

      2. External Hub — $25

      Newer MacBooks come with only 2 Thunderbolt USBs. This means you’d need an external hub to plug in your other devices and peripherals. Be careful of the type of external hub you buy. I go in-depth on what hubs you should get for your MacBook here.

      Belkin hub; source:

      3. Logitech MX Keys for Mac — $119

      Finding a good keyboard for your desk is a top priority. You should look for good key travel, compatibility, comfortability, and feather touch keystrokes.

      I find Logitech’s MX Keys for Mac offers all these and more. I love the breathing illumination the keyboard does with the backlight.

      I almost forgot; another favorite feature of this keyboard is I can switch between 3 different devices by just touching a button.


      4. Portable External Monitor— $190

      I’ve always wanted one of these to help me with research and writing. My MacBook has a 13-inch screen and not enough screen estate to open two tabs side by side. Since my MacBook will be my only computer, having a second screen I can take anywhere with me might improve my productivity. The 15-inch ViewSonic portable monitor is an affordable yet superb choice. If you can splurge some more, then get a large desktop monitor.

      ViewSonic — One of the best-selling portable monitors on Amazon.

      5. Wrist Rest — $20

      You can still get a lot of work done without this accessory. Still, carpal tunnel syndrome is accurate, and for people who write a lot, you should get one of these. The Hyper X Wrist Rest is an Amazon bestseller.


      6. Laptop Stand — $23

      A laptop stand keeps your screen at eye level, eliminating the strain on your neck from looking down for too long. The Nulaxy laptop stand looks like a great option on Amazon.

      Photo by Workperch on Unsplash

      7. MacBook Skin — $30

      I’d pick skins between MacBook skins over hard-cover cases anytime, any day. There have been reports of cover cases damaging screens because of the weight they exert on the screen. Skins are lightweight and protect the body of your MacBook from cosmetic damage like scratches and nicks, but they do not protect your laptop from falls. That is what the next accessory is for.

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      It’s all making sense now Magnus 🤣

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