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      Shekinah Brama

      Most people are usually very nervous about first dates. However, if you know the first date rules, you will feel much more at ease and may even get a second date.

      Some people are against rules. And some like them only when they benefit them. Aside from that, some people prefer to march to the beat of their own drum. Isn’t that usually the case? Whatever the case, many people should learn the most important first date rules in order to have a great date and impress their date!

      First and foremost, you should know what you’re looking for before going on a date. If you are honest with the person from the start, you will save yourself a lot of awkward conversations. It’ll be drama if they want something serious and you don’t, or vice versa.

      Here are 15 first date rules that will help and guide you on that first date to avoid drama and all that comes with a terrible first date:

      1) Be punctual:

      Yes, this is one of the most important dating rules you should never break! How many times do people have to wait for their dates? A lot! Those dates almost never go anywhere.

      Simply be on time. Waiting for someone is a terrible feeling, and it demonstrates a lack of respect. That is not the case if something happened, such as an accident. However, remember to respect both your own and your date’s time.

      2) Be Honest:

      We all try to look good on our first date, but don’t make up anything about yourself just to impress your date, especially if you want the relationship to last longer than just the first date.

      It makes no sense to lie. If the person is going to like you then he/she will like you for you and not some made up person.

      3) Pay attention:

      In general, you must be an active listener. However, as a first date rule, it is critical. It not only keeps the conversation going, but it also allows you to learn more about them if you listen.

      4) To a point, be open-minded:

      Of course, you should listen to their opinions rather than dismissing them when they express a belief. Instead of being dismissive, ask them questions and try to understand their perspective. Who knows, you might learn something. At the same time, don’t get too far out of your comfort zone.

      5) If something seems strange, point it out:

      If you feel uncomfortable at any point during the date, you must admit it. Don’t be afraid to speak up if your personal boundaries are being pushed. They won’t know if you don’t express your feelings and needs.

      6) Dress to impress:

      A first date is similar to a job interview. You’re auditioning for the role of a romantic partner. So you wouldn’t go to a job interview looking like a slob, would you? So, put on your best outfit and try to impress your date.

      7)  Ask a lot of questions:

      Many people feel conflicted about this. However, if you want to learn more about someone, you must ask a lot of questions on the first date. You are attempting to determine compatibility, so the more information you have about them, the better.

      8) Follow the flow:

      While some people recommend keeping first dates short and sweet, you should really just go with the flow. If you’re both having a good time and want the date to last several hours, go ahead and do it. Trust yourself because only you know how you feel.

      9) Be truthful about what you want:

      If you’re only interested in casual dating, you should be upfront and honest about it. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a long-term, committed relationship or marriage, you’ll need to share that as well.

      10) Don’t dominate the conversations:

      Some people are born talkers, which is fine. However, if you are one of these individuals, try not to dominate the conversation. Don’t solely focus on yourself. Make it a two-way conversation by asking them to share their stories.

      11) Have good table manners:

      Don’t be a pig with your date.

      Don’t chew with your mouth open, spill things on the table, or do anything else that could turn them off. One of the more obvious first date rules is this.

      12) Have the proper attitude:

      Not every first date leads to a romantic relationship. So, even if you’re looking for a spouse, be realistic. You’re unlikely to find your future spouse after just one date. You must have fun and enjoy being in the moment no matter where it takes you.

      13) Don’t be afraid:

      Many people fear their first dates because they are afraid their date will not like them. However, flip that around.Instead, imagine that you hope to like them. Maintain the attitude that you are a prize and that they are fortunate to have you. This will calm you down.

      14) Ask for another date:

      If you had a good time on your first date, it’s a good idea to ask your date if they’d like to go out again. You can do this at the end of the date or later by texting them to see if they want to get to know you better.

      15)  If you like them, follow up with them:

      Don’t push them. If you said you wanted to go out again, keep your word. If you don’t mean it, don’t say something as flimsy as “I’ll call you!”

      Follow up, and follow up as soon as possible. Don’t just let the time pass without making another plan.

      No one enjoys following rules, but these first date guidelines should always be followed. You want to have a good first date, don’t you?







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