3 Instagram Hacks To Use On Your Page – Without Any Help

3 Instagram Hacks To Use On Your Page – Without Any Help

I created this post on my Instagram and it got more engagements than I expected, for as long as I can remember (which is when I started using Instagram) the platform has hackers claiming thousands of things that will help small businesses get visibility they desire on the Instagram platform. The only downside in these ”hacks” is that they always focus on ”what to” and not ”how to” they tell you to find Instagram hashtags that are very similar to your niche but never tell you where to get these Instagram hashtags from.

Here we go!
Post great content

Look at your hashtags

Steal Instagram followers

Post great content –
The need and desire for small businesses to create great content can’t be overemphasized, personally, I will prioritize greater content over consistency if we were to put things on a scale. Ask yourself these questions. 1. What do my customers/audience want to see. 2. How can I catch their attention at first glance? I can go on and on, I’ll probably create a post on that later on. Let’s jump to the how? For me I focus on sources, I then use information gathered from these sources to create content (which I want to believe are great ones)

My Instagram content sources are. PINTEREST, COMPETITORS ON INSTAGRAM, RANDOM GOOGLE SEARCHES (For example I get ideas from brand slogans when I search on google)


Look At Those Hashtags
Instagram just released a bunch of hashtag criteria on their creator page, and it got me rolling on the floor in pains, I used to exhaust my hashtag limits of 30 Instagram hashtags. Now the social media giant is asking us to reduce these hashtags to 3 – 5 hashtags. (I can only settle for 10 personally) 5 Instagram hashtags are way too small. Ps, if you have shitty content, hashtags don’t matter.

How do I get my Instagram hashtags?

Intag Hashtag App – It’s this cool app that saves me so much stress from going all over the world in search for hashtags for my posts.

Industry Hashtags – I create hashtags that relate to the industry my business is in, to understand this, you have to see hashtags as a search engine. So if your audience wants to search for you or your content what will they most likely type on the search bar?

Custom hashtag – Exactly what it says, create custom hashtags, they might not get many views except you are really popular but they help your overall page branding.


Steal Followers From Your Competiton –
I am going to explain this process in the simplest way possible so that your small business on Instagram can have more profile visits and eventually an increase In sales or whatever your Instagram goals are.

Get a very good proposal message ready
Give yourself 30 mins daily for this task.

STEP ONE – Head to your competitors/influencers on your niche page.

STEP TWO – Like comments under their posts, keep an eye for comments that might be inquiring.

STEP THREE – Go to such users page, and interact, save a post on their page



THE END (DRAMATIC SONG PLAYING) Good luck with your small business on Instagram, please share this.

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