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Student Village Academy Forums CAREERS AND JOBS 3 Valuable Tips For Student Content Writers

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      Shekinah Brama

      3 Valuable Tips For Student Content Writers;

      Are you a budding copywriter? With everything going digital these days, content writing is becoming an increasingly important part of the modern man’s toolkit.

      You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for content writing hacks. Read on and get ready to add Content Writing to your skill set!

      Research is Key!

      Before you even consider writing the first word of your piece, you need to conduct comprehensive research.

      If you want to write one article, be prepared to read at least a dozen others to enrich your knowledge of the subject. It doesn’t matter if you’re already an industry specialist; upgrading your knowledge of the subject wouldn’t hurt.

      Personally, I make notes that I intend to include in my piece as relevant points of information.

      Use the Right Tools

      When it comes to content writing, having the correct tools is critical. You could be the next Shakespeare, Dickens, or Hemingway, but without the right tools, your work will go unnoticed and lost among the billions of articles floating around the internet.

      Here are a few things that I use to assist me:


      Whenever I encounter difficult words, I use to check their definition. Aside from the meaning, this platform also provides users with the word’s synonyms, related words, and the most important for me, the correct usage of the word.

      Even if you are a native speaker, you will almost certainly come across words that are unfamiliar to you. Knowing what a word means, how to pronounce it, and how to apply it in a sentence is essential for developing your vocabulary as a writer.

      • Quillbot

      Quillbot is a tool for paraphrasing and grammatical checking. It assists me in refining my posts and keeping them concise. If you believe that having a large vocabulary and long, winding sentences makes you a competent content writer, you’re mistaken. Quillbot’s content is all about communicating what you need to say in the most digestible way possible.

      However, there is another tool that most content authors should be aware of: the plagiarism detector. Quillbot is capable of detecting plagiarism in billions of online pages. You can avoid duplicate content and legal issues caused by copyright infringement by using this tool.

      • SurferSEO

      You’ve probably heard of SEO by this point. Search Engine Optimization tools help your post to appear at the top of search engine results pages, increasing the number of visitors. By following the tips from SEO tools like SurferSEO, you can definitely increase your visibility.

      Always End With Actionable Content

      I’m sure you already know that you should get off to a good start. However, one element that writers frequently overlook is the importance of ending on a high note. When you’re on a high, you want to keep it up. When writing, be careful to follow through and end your piece with actionable content.

      What action do you want your readers to do next? Follow your blog, sign up for your email, or purchase a product? Remember this as you near the end of your article.

      Finally, I want you to check out the tools I mentioned before! I am convinced that you will find them quite beneficial in your article writing journey.


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