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      Student Village

      IJMB like every other exam is created to be challenging, in our experience as an IJMB center, we have noticed a certain decline in student success rates. This post is to ensure that you prepare yourself before you register for IJMB. 

      What Is IJMB About?

      IJMB is an advanced-level program that helps students gain admission into the university of their choice without JAMB. With IJMB you will run the program for 9 months after the 9 months, you will sit for the IJMB Examination. 

      4 Reasons Students Fail IJMB

      1. Students who enroll for IJMB are becoming very lazy.

      IJMB is not a program for students who are not willing to put in the work, IJMB is for 200level admission, not 100level, so if you are a lazy student and you are not willing to enter school so please don’t apply for IJMB. But if you are ready to enter University as a 200-level student, then you have to take your studies and IJMB lectures seriously.

      2. Registering in a Fake IJMB center

      If you check the news regularly you will see the current JAMB registrar frowns greatly on students who use fake IJMB centers for direct entry admission. Many students have failed IJMB because the center that they registered it with is fake and didn’t register them properly with the board.

      Do you want to register for IJMB? CLICK HERE

      3. Malpractice During The IJMB Examination

      At Student Village, we always give orientation to our new IJMB students every IJMB session. Don’t cheat during the IJMB examination, if you cheat and are caught, you will jeopardize 9 months of efforts at your IJMB center. Also, don’t let your IJMB examination seat partner copy you too much, this can lead to your result being seized.

      4. Not Answering Questions IJMB Standard

      IJMB is an advanced level program, hence you much be able to answer the examination questions in an advanced way. Don’t sit for the IJMB examination and answer questions like you are writing WAEC, NECO, or GCE. Failure to answer questions will lead to you failing IJMB.

      Frequently Asked IJMB Questions Relating To This

      1. Is IJMB hard? No, IJMB is like every regular examination, you have to read well before you pass

      2. What happens if I fail IJMB? If you fail, sorry. Best you study hard so you don’t fail

      3. Where can I register for IJMB? You can register for IJMB online or at the Student Village Academy IJMB center in Ilorin.


      Do you have other questions about IJMB? Call / WhatsApp 08023201628

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      Actually if u study hard enough u ll pass 😂,but it’s the lazy ones u see come out of the hall and they start crying like goats 😭😢.
      All I can say is read ur book finish.

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