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Student Village Academy Forums HEALTH AND RELATIONSHIPS 5 Myths about Food and Nutrition that are Untrue.

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      Shekinah Brama

      On social media and occasionally in the news, fallacies about food and nutrition are widely disseminated. A catchy title might propagate a food myth because nutrition is a hot topic and could not provide all the context or details. Furthermore, as nutrition is a relatively new field of study, recommendations may alter as new knowledge is gained, yet old knowledge may persist and develop into a nutrition myth. Here are 5 typical food myths;


      1. To reduce weight, stay away from carbohydrates.

      An eating plan trend that has persisted throughout time is the low-carb diet. It damages the reputation of all carbohydrates, including whole grains and fruit. Weight loss was successful for those who adhered to this regimen. However, the same outcomes should always be anticipated if someone stops eating highly processed carbs, such as chips, cookies, white bread, and potatoes covered in butter and sauce. Any diet or eating plan that bans an entire food group raises a red signal in my book because you’ll probably be missing out on essential nutrients.


      1. Toxins will be removed from the body through a detox diet.

      Dietary cleanses don’t seem to accomplish any of their claimed benefits. The truth is that you may detoxify your body without buying anything. Every day, your liver, kidneys, and digestive system effectively detoxify it. Focus on consuming more whole foods, staying hydrated, and cutting out overly processed foods from your diet if you want to revitalize your body.


      1. Nothing should be consumed after 7 o’clock.

      Although eating snacks late at night can result in weight gain or stop weight reduction, this is not due to the passing of time. It concerns your motivation for eating, rather. It’s typical for people to seek food in the evening for reasons other than actual hunger, whether it be a habit, boredom, or craving.


      1. The most significant meal of the day is breakfast.

      Breakfast is just a regular meal. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, but it doesn’t have to be eaten in the morning or contain any particular foods. You can skip this meal in the morning if you aren’t hungry and go straight to lunch.


      1. Some foods can help you burn fat.

      Sorry, there are no foods that burn fat, accelerate weight loss, or sufficiently boost metabolism to affect weight loss. Single-food diets, like the ones outlined above, are restricted and deficient in essential nutrients. They are also unsustainable, and any weight loss that could take place is due to calorie restriction and will probably return once you stop.


      There are several reasons why food myths continue to exist, but it’s always best to receive your information from a knowledgeable professional who is keeping up with the most recent research. Sometimes dietary myths were formerly believed to be realities, but subsequent studies disproved them. Focus on consuming a range of plant foods, even if you’re not eating them solely, as part of a balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods. Try to restrict the amount of refined grains and added sugars that are present in highly processed foods at the same time. Attempt to consume normal meals as well.


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      Oil cause malaria

      The first breast milk is dirt whereas it contains colostrum that gives immunity

      Meat makes children to steal

      Akpu is 6 to 6 whereas Akpu is carbohydrate it take just one 1 hour for digestion

      Akpu cause big stomach

      Egg is meant for only adult


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