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      Shekinah Brama

      A toxic relationship may appear to be completely healthy at first, but as time passes, bad habits may start to emerge, affecting the dynamics of the union. While for some couples this could take months or even years, for others, these symptoms might be noticeable as early as the courting or friendship stages. Moving on from a toxic relationship is not always simple, even for the most resilient people.

      Here are 5 signs that you’re in an unhealthy/toxic relationship:


      1. They are possessive or envious.

      When you go out with other people, does your partner continually check your phone or act suspiciously? They probably don’t trust you if you start to feel that way. Controlling and jealous behavior is harmful as well as destructive. This behavior, which frequently arises from their own fears, undermines one of the key tenets of any partnership – trust.


      2. Your boundaries are not respected by them.

      When you say “no,” do you ever feel like you’re beginning a fight? Toxic personalities frequently push and cross boundaries, leaving you with an overwhelming feeling of insecurity and frustration. You can start to doubt your character, principles, and self-worth as a result of this behavior.

      3. They are manipulative and demand that you always comply with their requests.

      Since manipulative behavior frequently manifests in subtle ways that give you the impression that you are at fault, it can be challenging to identify. This behavior messes with your emotions because guilt trips are frequently the cause of it. Toxic people will downplay your thoughts and opinions in an effort to manipulate you into doing what they want, painting you as the bad guy in the process.


      4. After being with them, you experience fatigue or drain.

      You should feel energized, not exhausted, after spending time with someone wonderful in your life. Spending time with a toxic individual might leave you feeling emotionally spent since you’ll feel like you’re the one doing all the work and giving without getting anything in return.

      5. It’s all about them.

      Do you ever find it difficult to decide what movie to watch or where to eat dinner? Toxic people tend to make everything about themselves and like having control over every choice, no matter how minor. Even though they may act as though they care about your thoughts and feelings, they will always put their own interests first.

      If you recognize any of the above indications, it may be time to admit that your relationship is toxic. Some people may be unaware that their actions are causing you harm, therefore if you are able, try telling the other person how you are feeling and how their behavior is affecting you by utilizing ‘I feel…’ words.

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      When you don’t have a saying or your right is incling

      When you are been torture emotionally

      When you are physically abuse

      When you are over weight as a result of stress





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