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Student Village Academy Forums HEALTH AND RELATIONSHIPS 5 Things Men Really Enjoy In A Woman.

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      Esther Amadi

      5 Things Men Really Enjoy In A Woman.


      She is intrigued by everything he enjoys.

      A man will always appreciate seeing that his woman is also interested, whether it be in a pastime, video game, or sport.

      He won’t expect you to play call of duty or soccer with him, but if you demonstrate that you are aware of his interests, he will view you very differently.


      The Simplicity.

      Men adore unpretentious, real ladies. The majority of the time, they don’t even notice your blush, eyeliner, or mascara.

      Do yourself a favor and leave them if you are worried that your partner may break up with you after seeing you without makeup.


      Sloppy in bed, Lady in public.

      The alternative is unacceptable.

      Additionally, feeling safer in public and not at all attractive to men when you’re in bed. Women who are sweet, nice, and courteous in public but a little wilder at home are preferred by males.


      Strong and Independent.

      Women-children who can’t be left alone for more than a minute are disliked by everyone. Most guys find that to be unacceptable.

      A stunning lady who is confident, smiles, and exudes beauty can only make a positive impression on a man.


      A sweet voice, soft and gentle.

      The alternative to breakfast in bed is gently waking up and hearing your partner’s soothing voice.

      Men benefit from an intimate and pleasant environment that is facilitated by an alarm clock like this and a leisurely “good night.”

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      🙄 no money??

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      Awwn 🥺 thank you

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      What of food

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        Esther Amadi

        Hmmm, Food seems very vital too😂

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