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      5 Ways To Prepare For JAMB CBT Examination; Gone are the days when students who are about to write JAMB will purchase packs of HB and 2B pencils so their shades can be dark enough.


      Computer-based exams like JAMB do not have a number of drawbacks that traditional exam techniques possess. Exam administration and report delivery have both become simpler than ever thanks to computer-based testing.


      It assists both the students and the instructors in terms of efficiency, saving time and energy, speed, and accuracy in reporting. Little wonder so many people would pick it.


      basic familiarity with computers


      One requires a foundational understanding of computer operation to prepare for a CBT. Unfortunately, many people lack the fundamental understanding of computers. Most candidates in JAMB CBT centers have no idea how to even turn on a computer.


      You don’t want to arrive at a testing location and waste the first 20 minutes of the exam attempting to turn on the computer or find the testing portal, much less learning how to click a mouse or correct a mistake.


      Not at all, no. Therefore, you may prevent this by just taking a five-minute computer course, we offer JAMB CBT training at Student Village Academy ilorin for interested students.


      understanding of the JAMB CBT interface



      Understanding the interface is the next stage in getting ready for a CBT. Even though there are numerous websites that host computer-based assessments, they all operate according to the same underlying ideas.


      You should check each interface you come across in advance to make sure it does not strike you as odd.


      Have reliable network and power



      Make sure you are in a place with the finest connectivity before considering CBT. A bad network connection is the main cause of CBT failure for most candidates.


      Your replies may not be submitted even after you click “submit” due to the low signal.


      Additionally, you must ensure that your gadget is fully charged or connected to a consistent power source to avoid suffering the same fate.


      Pay attention to the instructions


      Read instructions very carefully. One cannot emphasize this enough. It is crucial that you carefully read the instructions you are given both beforehand and on test day. You must be informed of the scoring system and the kinds of questions that will be asked.


      Expertise in the subject (Subjects)


      A fundamental understanding of computers and familiarity with the interface do not ensure success. Only 30 percent of you are prepared. Your familiarity with the subjects and level of readiness still determine how much work you have to do.


      Oh, don’t let me forget to pay attention to the timing during your pen-on-paper exam. If you follow these instructions for a CBT, you may be confident that the exam will go well and you’ll get an A in your JAMB subjects.


      Thank you for reading this article: 5 Ways To Prepare For JAMB CBT Examination


      Drop comments if you have any questions

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