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      Shekinah Brama

      What is beauty?

      It’s a challenging question with numerous possible solutions. “A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight,” is how Google defines beauty. I would have to agree with this definition since I believe that beauty is a physical quality that should not be used to judge a person’s moral character. Beauty is solely determined by looks.

      Student life can be both very exciting and very chaotic. You are constantly on the go because you are attempting to balance your studies with your social life, visiting family and friends, and other commitments. This leaves very little time for relaxation and indulgent activities like skin care routines and other time-consuming pursuits of beauty.

      Here are 7 simple yet essential beauty tips that will keep your body and hair looking healthy and in turn not take too much of your time or be too overwhelming;


      While attending School, face wipes are a need. You have a wide selection to pick from because most skin and cosmetics businesses produce their own version. A makeup remover, a facial cleanser, and some sort of antibacterial solution are all included in all of them, while some have unique features like smells and designs.

      You may save so much time in your routine by using a face wipe rather than washing your face. They can be used in the morning or at night. Additionally, since you can precisely wipe certain regions rather than sprinkling your face with water and hoping for the best, makeup will remove better than just washing your face.

      Some of these companies even produce face wipes in smaller, pocket-sized packs that are ideal for throwing in your bag mid-day to freshen up.


      Pulling “all nighters”(night class/reading at night) may feel like the norm during the academic year, but effective skin cell and tissue renewal depends on receiving decent, restful sleep. Clear your head as much as you can before you hit the pillow to get a good night’s sleep. Don’t let the last thing you see before going to bed be your homework or your social media feeds. Instead, read a book “for enjoyment,” have a conversation with a buddy, or relax with some music.

      3.DON’T STRESS:

      Make healthy lifestyle decisions (such as eating well and exercising frequently) to maintain low and balanced levels of stress because unhealthy levels of stress can have an impact on the appearance of your skin. With meetings and study sessions at school, it can be difficult to regularly make it to the gym. Instead, consider biking or walking a longer distance to class. And when a sudden tense situation arises, just remember to breathe.

      4. EAT HEALTHY:

      If you want to appear beautiful, it’s critical to be in excellent shape and have healthy skin. Undoubtedly, not everyone needs a multifunctional nutrition plan. You must design a diet that fits your body type and metabolism. Ask someone who knows how to create dietary plans if you’re not an expert.

      Some products, however, will only enhance your attractiveness in a favorable way. They are veggies, seafood, and nuts. To maintain a balanced intake of calories, try to stay away from foods and beverages that are high in sugar.


      In order to look attractive, hair needs to be taken care of. Unfortunately, the procedures that take the longest to complete are washing, drying, and styling hair. When you only have five minutes to take care of yourself, a bottle of dry shampoo can save the day. These days, you can find it in any store. By evenly dispersing the unique powder in less than a minute, it gives hair a fresh appearance.


      Vaseline, a miraculous product! Vaseline is truly my go-to health and beauty suggestion, as well as my hidden weapon. It can be used to moisten eyelashes and give them a darker appearance by brushing it on them. To assist keep your brows structured and under control, you can brush it on them. And when I have extremely dry skin, it is my savior. Some individuals have even used Vaseline as highlighter. Sincerely, it can save your life at times and is ideal for traveling and when you do not have the time for skin care routines or make up.


      Because we are all humans, our skin needs fresh air as well as our lungs. Never spend a lot of time in a stuffy and dirty room if you want to look terrific. If you don’t have enough fresh air in your bedroom while you sleep, you’ll probably wake up with a puffy face. You must therefore always ventilate your room. Before retiring to bed, keep a window open in your room, regardless of how cold it is outside.

      Being attractive is essential while learning. Unfortunately, many students sacrifice living a healthy lifestyle to focus on their studies. Investigate the aforementioned advice and learn how to maintain your beauty if you don’t want to make this error.

      If you take your time and put the these beauty advices into practice, you can come off as a self-assured student who cares about their appearance.

      A key factor in increasing your self-esteem is how you feel about your outlook and how other people see you from the way you portray yourself.

      Thank you for reading!


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