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      7 Easy To Get Google Adsense Approval (in 2022); Tips That Helped Me Get Google Adsense Approval in 2022. Getting AdSense approval is one of the significant disclaimers people get when they plan to start a blog. Take it from someone that started blogging when Blogger was a thing, it can be not very pleasant to put in so much effort and in the end, get nothing in return.

      When I finally got my Adsense approval, I learned a few things I want to share with this thread, feel free to ask questions below. Let us dive into this Student Village thread

      1. Pick A Blog Niche

      What you write and upload matters a lot to google, the company prides its advertisement on the safety of all parties involved. Publishers, Advertisers and most importantly readers.

      Choose your niche wisely and steer clear of harmful content and illegal content too so your Blog / Adsense account doesn’t get a life ban.

      2. Get A Good Theme For Your Blog

      User experience is the core of all major platforms, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest. Google demands that your user interface is convenient to users. For users with WordPress blogs, you can get an endless number of free and responsive themes, and if you are still using the infamous platforms, you can simply google where you can get clean and responsive templates. Also, a good blog will reduce bounce rates and encourage engagements from your blog’s visitors and most importantly increase your chances of getting Adsense approval.

      3. Important Pages:

      Google demands some important pages like Sitemap, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer on your website.

      This helps Google to crawl your website and find whether it is worthy to approve or not.
      Also, this makes a good impression on Google and increases your chances to approve.

      There are various privacy policies, disclaimers and terms & conditions generators available in the market which you can use.

      But don’t blindly copy and paste it. Thoroughly Go through it, Edit some changes if you want and then paste them on your site.

      4. Post Unique Content:

      Unique content is the most important factor in getting AdSense approval.
      Copying and pasting content will reduce the credibility your site has in the face of google bots.

      If google AdSense crawls through your blog and notices a lot of plagiarized content and you’ll never rank on google and will, find it hard to get AdSense approval. If you don’t write so well, I’ll advise you to hire a professional writer.

      5. Copyright Free Images:

      There are thousands of copyright-free websites where you can get images that aren’t copyrighted. You can use sites like Canva, Unsplash, Pexels etc to get free images. Using images with copyright infringement gives Google and Google Adsense a bad impression about your website/blog.

      6. Longer Articles:

      Long articles have more chances to get ranked on Google. But in case you can’t write more. Then at least keep your article from 500-700 words. This is a sweet spot where your article is not much longer or smaller.
      You can even keep track of article length using the word tracker websites.

      7. Secured Website:

      Security is very important to everyone eventually in this day and age when 12 years old’s can hack. Your blog users want to feel safe when using your blog and accepting cookies from your website. Take serious measures in providing security for users on your blog. Google will give Adsense approval faster to blogs that have SSL on them.

      Some Extra Adsense Approval Tricks

      Don’t apply for Adsense within the first month of starting your blog.

      Write 15-20 good articles up to 500-700 words with proper keyword placement. Use tools like Uber suggest and Semrush for Keyword research

      Add important pages to the site and once you feel that you checked all the boxes listed in this thread. Then apply for Adsense.

      Thanks for reading.

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