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      After 2 PhDs, 3 MScs, I Need More – Kwara Female-Don


      Dr Khadijat Toyin Musah hails from Balogun Gambari in Ilorin East Local Government Area of Kwara State. The firstborn of her family has made many…


      Dr Khadijat Toyin Musah hails from Balogun Gambari in Ilorin East Local Government Area of Kwara State. The firstborn of her family has made many firsts in her career as a nurse. The multi talented scholar, whose passion for education knows no bound, told Daily Trust on Sunday that she was not satisfied with two doctorate and three masters’ degrees, as well as other issues.

      After 2 PhDs, 3 MScs, I Need More – Kwara Female-Don

      How would you describe your years of growing up as a girl-child?


      I always become nostalgic whenever I remember those good old days when the upbringing of a child was a communal responsibility – every member of the community was involved. We were brought up to respect our elders, including those who were not biologically related to us. So a child would always avoid any act of indiscipline, having it in mind that he/she could be reprimanded by any adult in the community.


      It is a pity that some of these societal values have been eroded and compromised in the name of civilisation and our society is the worst for it. I was brought up to appreciate the value of hard work. My father was a popular merchant dealing in buying and selling of cattle while my mother was a trader.


      You are highly educated, how did you achieve that?


      I was fortunate to have parents who were determined to give me the best in terms of education and also inculcated in me the moral value. I thank the Almighty Allah that I was able to make use of the opportunities. Typical of an average Ilorin child, I was enrolled in an Arabic school, where I learnt the rudiments of Arabic and Islamic education. I remain grateful to my parents for providing me with these great opportunities that have been of tremendous help to me in all facets of my life


      What informed your chosen career?


      Alhamdulillah! I will say that nursing has been the profession of my choice even before I entered secondary school. I always love to assist people around me; and I don’t like seeing people experiencing any form of pain or suffering. So it was natural when I had to choose a career/profession. I naturally went for nursing science, and, Alhamdulillaahi, it turned out to be a right choice for me. I feel highly fulfilled as an advanced nursing practitioner with specialisation in community health and geriatrics.


      Did your spouse play any role in all of these?


      He played a great role and is still playing. I met my husband when I was about to enroll in the School of Nursing, Oshogbo. At that time, I was not ready for marriage because of my strong desire to acquire more education although my parents were already mounting pressure on me. My fear was whether I would still be able to continue my education after marriage. I am, however, grateful to Allah for giving me the right man who lived to his promise that he would give me all the necessary support and encouragement to get to the peak of my career. I owe my success to the tremendous support of my spouse, Alhaji Zakari Musah, a successful banker. He gave me all the support. I thank him for standing by his promise and lending a helping hand during house chores.


      I can boldly say my husband is good!


      Tell us more about your education?


      Fundamentals of Clinical Practice for Public Health Nursing Officers for the proposal on the commencement of nursing programme.


      Presently, I have been appointed to the Faculty of Nursing Sciences, University of Abuja as the pioneer dean for the commencement of nursing programme. I have visited states in the USA, England, Germany and Australia on account of scholarly activities and adventure.


      I had the privilege as a co-author of the book Titled ‘’Fundamentals of Clinical Practice for Public Health Nursing Officers – a book that was adopted for the training of Public health nursing officers in Nigeria. By the grace of Almighty Allah, I have the singular opportunity for the presentation that got KWASU Senate approval for the proposal on the nursing program which is yet to commence.


      Currently, I have been appointed to the Department of Nursing Sciences, University of Abuja, as the pioneer Head of the department for the commencement of nursing programme.


      What has been your biggest motivation?


      It is no other thing than the desire to make a difference, and the quest for knowledge.


      Have you rested on your oars or you still have other achievements in view?


      Have you ever heard the saying, “If you are not growing you are dying?” Without continuous personal and career growth, one will remain stagnant. So, we move. I am working on some other projects.


      Any regret thus far, and what would you like to change in your educational path?


      There is no regret of any kind and I have nothing to change in my educational trajectory. I chose nursing as a career, branched into public health nursing specialty and made my contributions. I am happy to have chosen to be a nurse. I have contributed to the advancement of both nursing and public health at national and international levels. I thank the Almighty Allah who made it easy.


      Apart from academics, what other thing do you do?


      I am a cycling enthusiast and Rotarian of repute. I am a member of the Board of Cycling Federation of Nigeria. I even sponsored a cycling programme for the entire 16 local government areas in Kwara State, which got the nod of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq and other stakeholders on the need to promote health and wellness.


      By Allah’s grace, I can describe myself as a balanced woman. I think right, act rightly and avoid stress. Although I am a multi-talented nurse and public health guru, I know my boundaries. My passion for caring led me to establish the Khadijat Toyin Musah (KTM) Foundation.

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