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      I just came across a tweet about Adekunle Gold having sickle cell and it is almost believable.

      Did a few surfing on Google and found some information (unconfirmed)

      “Award-winning Nigerian musician, Adekunle Gold has revealed that he survived a tough battle with sickle cell crisis.

      In his performance in Toronto, he played an unreleased song where he made this revelation.
      If you listen closely, you will hear ‘sickle cell been show me crisis’

      In 2016, Adekunle Gold became an Ambassador for Sickle Cell aid foundation(SCAF), an announcement that raised questions then. So, this could just be adding up now.”

      It comes as a shock to me and many others but the reality is, people with Sickle Cell also live healthy and happy lives. If Adekunle Gold has it or not, I still wish him good health and long time to his kid (future kids) and his beautiful wife Simi.

      Say a prayer for AG Baby whenever you come across this post.

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