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      Are You New On Upwork? Focus On This One Thing To Grow A Successful Freelance Career

      Written By Temitope C Samuel On Medium. Ps, he is a Village Chief. 

      Starting as a new writer on Upwork, my most important aim was getting reviews.

      In the shortest period, I applied for a job looking for 1000 words for $5, writing about cannabis, and I got the job.

      I wrote 10,000 words on cannabis, and they even left me a review and a Christmas bonus of $10. Yay!

      His review was a stepping stone for many other reviews. Eventually, I got jobs that paid $20/1000 per article, then jobs that paid $50/1000 words.

      I write between $100 and $200 for 1500–2000 words.

      New freelancers on Upwork or any freelancing platform insist on getting paid what they’re worth, and I agree.

      On a super competitive platform like Upwork, it might be hard to get a job if you charge $100/hr because you have a 10-year of experience in a field.

      But, I will not entirely rule out the possibility of getting paid $100/hour on Upwork as a newbie on the platform.

      It just means your proposal must be so convincing that the client overlooks the absence of reviews on your profile and hires you.

      As I said, it is possible but challenging.

      Reviews are so essential to find success as a freelancer or as anything.

      New businesses send out hundreds of products costing thousands of dollars for reviews.

      A freelancer should take his reviews seriously.

      I have had to make a percentage of refunds to customers who were not satisfied with the quality of my work. I did not expect it, but I got a stellar review.

      Yes, charge what you’re worth. You bring a lot to the table.

      But it is best to rack up as many reviews as you can as a new freelancer on the platform, then gradually increase your rates.

      According to Finances online, 68% of customers will deal with a business if it has positive reviews.

      FYI, freelancing is a business, so start acting like an entrepreneur and treat it as one. But I digress.

      Take note reviews can make or mar your business.

      Having no reviews is better than having a negative review.

      Negative thoughts are worse; I’d give a full refund than have you leave a negative review.

      According to Zendesk, 2020;

      90% of respondents said that positive online reviews influence buying decisions, while 86% said buying decisions were affected by negative online reviews.
      One way I ensure I get positive reviews is to go over and beyond on any project I get.

      I don’t do the bare minimum. I go all out on any project that lands on my desk.

      I offer them unlimited revisions. Most times, I only eventually do two edits.

      Another thing you can keep in mind is to avoid clients that do not leave reviews.

      They might be great to work with, but if they don’t leave reviews, how will other clients know YOU are great to also work with?

      Try asking your clients to give you a great review at the end of every project — make sure you offer fantastic service before you ask for reviews.

      That is all I have for you today regarding reviews as a freelancer. If you read to this point, know you inspire me.

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      Seun Samuel

      This is really helpful. I love the fact that one can start up as a passive income earner while also giving you enough flexible time to pursue other goals. free lancing is so underated but during these strike, these jobs have saved a lot of students from hunger and starvation.

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        It’s issue is finding the jobs. That’s what the post is trying to solve

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      Cait 😝

      I’ve always wanted to try freelancing ever since the strike started. But I got discouraged because I thought no one would hire a newbie.. But with this review I’ll check it out again 🙂

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        Will you like to write for me, for free. Based on family levels.

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