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Student Village Academy Forums GENERAL DISCUSSIONS Can I Change Date Of Birth And Name On WAEC Result?

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      I love surfing the internet, and Nairaland is one of my favourite internet joints to check out.

      Today I came across a thread from someone asking if they can change their Date of birth and full name on their waec result. Hopefully this thread profers a solution.

      Here’s how to effect the changes you want on your WAEC certificate.

      Below are the things you need to change your name/date of birth in WAEC result:

      Birth Certificate (Original must be sighted by a WAEC Staff when submitting your request): First and most importantly, you need to get your certificate of birth showing your name (s) clearly. It is very important because you cannot do without it. In fact, it is the first thing they will ask from you.

      Administrative Fee of N10,000: Whether you are applying for a change of name or date of birth, you will be expected to pay an administrative fee of N10,000 only.

      The payment for both name and DOB is a one time payment, you won’t be paying for each services.

      A Letter of Application: You have to write a formal letter to WAEC, requesting for a change of name or date of birth (as the case may be).

      Remember, it must be a formal letter or else, your application will be rejected.

      An Affidavit: You will also need an Affidavit from any high court in Nigeria. Just go to the high court in your state and apply to a for an affidavit of a change of name.

      Original WAEC certificate to be corrected: Lastly, you need to submit the certificate you want them to correct. If possible, get your original WAEC certificate.

      Take all these things to WAEC office and follow all their instructions.

      How long does change name/date of birth in WAEC result take?
      It will take about 6 months or more for WAEC to change your name or date of birth in your WAEC result or certificate.

      After following the steps given below, you will be asked to come back later. It is advisable to subsequently check their office to know when the result will be ready.

      Do you have other questions? Please ask them in this thread.

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      Yes you can. Good post

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      How can I do that? please

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