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      Esther Amadi


      Hepatitis B is spread through contact with blood that contains the hepatitis B virus. If infected blood or body fluids such as semen or vaginal fluids enter another person’s bloodstream, that person may become infected with HBV.

      It takes about 45 – 180 days after exposure to the virus for the disease to show up, that is if symptoms occur. Symptoms of hepatitis B


      Risky activities that can cause infection include: 

      1. Having unprotected sex with an infected person.
      2. Sharing unsterile or unclean equipment for injecting drugs.
      3. Piercing the skin with equipment that is not properly cleaned, disinfected and sterilised.
      4. Sharing razor blades, toothbrushes or nail clippers that have been exposed to blood.
      5. Coming into contact with infected blood through open cuts or the mucous membranes of another person.
      6. Mothers who have hepatitis B can pass the virus to their babies or children at the time of birth or after birth. If the newborn baby is quickly immunised with 2 vaccines, they can be protected from getting hepatitis B.


      NOTE: HBV can be found in the saliva but is not transmissible through:

      • Kissing
      • Coughing
      • Sharing utensils
      • Sneezing

      Certain groups have a particularly high risk of HBV infection. These includes:

      • Healthcare workers
      • People who use injection drugs
      • Infants born to birthing parents who have HBV
      • Sexual partners of people with HBV
      • People receiving dialysis for kidney disease


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      Protected sex and abstinence will save us a lof of pain.

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      So what u are saying is that I can kiss a person that is infected with HBV.
      But if it is in the saliva ,if you kiss an infected person ,you should definitely be infected.

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