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      FUOYE addresses concerns regarding the influx of millipedes on campus

      FUOYE Refutes Claims of Millipede Invasion on Campus

      The Federal University Oye-Ekiti (FUOYE) has strongly denied the circulating misinformation regarding an invasion of millipedes in the campus hostels, clarifying that it is nothing more than fake news. A headline claiming, “Panic as a battalion of millipedes sack FUOYE students,” has triggered concerns among the public.

      However, the university’s management swiftly responded, correcting the misunderstanding that the harmless creatures in question are actually centipedes, not millipedes. Mr. Paul Ogidi, FUOYE’s Chief Security Officer (CSO), dismissed the report as a product of the writer’s imagination, emphasizing its lack of truthfulness.

      Mr. Ogidi stated, “The claim that millipedes have forced our students out is entirely false, as is the suggestion that this situation posed a significant security risk to the university community. The recent presence of some insects on certain parts of the campus is a result of the ongoing rainy season. As soon as the management became aware of it a week ago, the campus was promptly fumigated. Therefore, any claims stating that this incident occurred weeks ago are fake and propagated by lazy and mischievous bloggers.”

      Dr. Olawale Musibau, the Chief Medical Director of FUOYE’s Health Services, added, “The prevalence of centipedes on our campus is not limited to this particular environment but extends to other areas beyond Ekiti communities. The increased number of millipedes can be attributed to the effects of climate change, a global phenomenon. However, the management has already taken action by fumigating the environment and implementing necessary sanitation measures.”

      Prof. Tajudeen Bolanle Opoola, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) of Administration, assured everyone that there is currently no need for alarm regarding the alleged millipede invasion. He explained, “Prior to the rainy season, we had already conducted a thorough fumigation of the campus premises. As soon as we noticed the centipedes, immediate arrangements were made for another round of fumigation. All centipedes have been successfully eradicated, although they emitted an unpleasant odor that has been eliminated by removing the dead insects. We are also taking steps to gradually eliminate the lush grass, which provides a favorable environment for the centipedes. However, we are cautious about frequent fumigation due to the potential health risks associated with the chemicals used.”

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