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      House Of Representatives Moves To End ASUU Strike

      To find a long-term resolution to the union’s ongoing strike, the House of Representatives will meet with ASUU and other interested parties.

      To find a long-term solution to the union’s ongoing strike, the House of Representatives will meet with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and other parties.

      This was said in a statement made on Monday in Abuja by Yahaya Danzaria, the clerk of the House of Representatives.

      The meeting would take place on Tuesday at the National Assembly’s House of Representatives wing, according to the announcement. It was revealed that the purpose of the meeting with ASUU and other important stakeholders was to resolve the impasse between President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration and ASUU.

      In the statement, it was stated that the parliament was concerned about the ongoing strike, which had lasted for months and appeared to defy all attempts to find a resolution.

      It also stated that the House was more concerned about how the strike would affect the future and educational standards of the teeming youths than it was about the lack of a deal between the government and the academics.

      In view of the aforementioned, the House today requests another opportunity to meet with stakeholders and the ASUU leadership in order to pursue a peaceful resolution.

      Given that the case was already before the National Industrial Court, they made this observation without prejudice.

      Due to unfulfilled agreements, ASUU has been on strike since February 14. Better financing, equipment, and pay for Nigeria’s public universities are among the requests made by the teachers.

      The Buhari administration vowed not to sign any additional agreements it couldn’t carry out. Adamu Adamu, the minister of education, made this announcement in Abuja during a National Universities Commission meeting of the provosts and vice presidents of federal universities (NUC).

      Mr. Adamu claimed that Mr. Buhari had urged the regime’s negotiating team with ASUU not to make a commitment it wouldn’t be able to keep.

      Mr. Adamu continued by saying that Mr. Buhari’s administration could only afford to provide all federal university employees a wage increase of 23.5%, with the exception of the professorial cadre, who would receive a 35 percent raise.

      Additionally, he stated that the budget for the following year would allocate N150 billion for the renovation of federal universities and another N50 billion for the settlement of unpaid academic staff allowances.

      The meeting of university presidents, called at the request of NUC, became “urgent and required due to some misconceptions and misinformation in the public arena about the current strike action by ASUU,” the minister said.


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