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      How Many Parts Does the Average Car Have?

      Answer Below:

      The Average Car has 30,000 parts. Could you imagine what these guys that work on these need to know about these Automobiles we drive everyday!

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      Wow, wonderfully! 30 thousands part working in harmony to make transportation easy

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        Lol. Till someone drives crazy and they go apart.

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        Lol. You know this.

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      30,000 parts? How long does it take to assemble a car then?


      Just one car! 30,000 parts!!

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      How many parts does a car have?

      If you include the nuts and bolts, the average car has about 30,000 pieces. A automobile comprises roughly 1,800 different pieces if you count significant components like the engine as one. Numerous thousand pieces make up the engine alone. The producer of the car makes many parts, but each manufacturer also has a number of suppliers who produce parts for various cars.


      To ensure that all these components fit as they should on an average car, up to 4,800 welds are required. A manufacturer might need to assemble one car for roughly 19 hours. However, contemporary assembly lines are enormous, equipped with thousands of workers, rolling tracks, and robots.


      In contrast to the days of classic vehicles, when a single production run might produce totals in the 100s rather than 1000s, a day of modern production typically produces roughly 1,450 cars.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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