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Student Village Academy Forums GENERAL DISCUSSIONS How Many Times Has The National Grid Gone Off This Year?

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      Esther Amadi

      National grid collapses for 18th time in 2022 – Record breaking collapses if you ask me!

      The National Grid on Wednesday, today suffered another system collapse resulting in blackout in many parts of the country.

      While some collapses were not made public because they lasted for a short period, many others were made public and lasted days in some cases.

      Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) confirmed the latest development in a statement on Wednesday.

      “Dear Customers, we regret to inform you of a system collapse on the National grid at precisely 11:27a.m today, July 20.

      “We are in talks with the Transmission Company of Nigeria to ascertain the cause of the collapse and a possible restoration timeline.

      “We will keep you updated on the situation,” the electricity distribution company said.

      It is unclear how many states are affected by today’s grid collapse.


      Education Collapse
      Security Collapse
      Electricity Collapse
      Economy Collapse

      This is President Buhari’s Legacy

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      We are just in July, be ready to get more collapse! Everything will collapse except the man causing these havoc’s.

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      I didn’t even notice that it’s national grid, I jst thought nepa was doing their ting

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