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      Esther Amadi

      You go to the market and decide to get shaki / towel (tripe) to make your food but the problem is how to get it cleaned properly removing those dirt stains on it, so you can have a very clean shaki (Cow tripe) almost white looking, here’s what to do:



      STEP 1. Put a pot of water on fire and allow to become hot (hot that your hand can still go in, not warm) not boil.

      STEP 2. Pour shaki / towel (cow tripe) into a bowl and add the hot water.

      STEP 3. Take out tripe (shaki / towel) and peel of the dirt that’s on it. The dirt would come off easily.?

      STEP 4. After successfully taking of the dirt, now you should have a very clean shaki / towel (tripe), you can now wash your tripe normally, rinse and cook till tender.

      NOTE: If the water becomes cold and stops working whilst you aren’t done washing, pour some more hot water till you are done.









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      For us that have tender skin, won’t hot water mistake us for the Shaki and peel our skin?

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